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Project Report / Essay - Smoking is Injurious to Health


This is to certify that this investigatory project report entitled “Smoking is Injurious to Health” completed by student under my supervision.


Signature of Lecturer


We often see men, who cough very badly in public places. It is not due to any sickness but smoking. It not only destroy him but also the persons surrounding him, when we called passive smoker.

Harmful Effects of the Smoking

By this project I want to make them aware of the harmful effects of the smoking. So as they will try to give up this social abuse. This I will be able to save many innocent lives.

Material Required for Experiment


Procedure :

Step-I :

I made lungs of very thin layer of cotton and with the help of small tube attached them in bale jar. Mouth of bale jar was closed with cork such that only the tube of lungs can came out and also attached toy head on the tube.

Step-2 :

Now I put this bale jar in trough, which was filled with water. It was placed in such a manner that the level of water was lower than lungs and the thermocole sheet will showed the level of water.

Step-3 :

With the help of tubes I joined both of beakers with trough. One of them is placed at some height to maintain inhale and exhale. Now put the cigarette in the toy’s mouth and lighted it up. I performed the inhale exhale with the help of flow of water. Now the process of breathing started.

Now I observed during breathing smoke along with air inspired by the smoker. This smoke contained Nicotine, tar and carbon-monoxide etc. Out of them Nicotine diffused into the blood, while tar is carcinogen remained deposited on lungs.


Cigarette is cut tobacco wrapped in paper and tobacco constitute many harmful substances may be in particulate phase or in gas phase. At least 1200 different toxic chemicals have been identified in tobacco smoke.

(i) Nicotine :

It is an addicting drug highly toxic to our body. It influencing our nerve centre and heart rate. In pregnant women it causes retardation and abnormal growth of fetus and infertility in males.

(ii) Tar :

It is a strong carcinogen, causes immobilisation of cilia in air passage, results in respiratory infection.

(iii) Carbon Monoxide :

It is a gaseous phase of cigarette smoke, reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of blood.

Except these there are B-napthylamine traces of metal like nickel, arsenic, hydrazine, vinyl chloride which increases the possibility of cancer.

Harmful Effects

Smoking is harmful for health of a person. If we study the data

  • In USA premature deaths due to smoking is 30,000 annually.
  • 485000 American dies prematurely.
  • 1/3 of male deaths between age of 36-59 is due to smoking.
  • 90% are died due to lung cancer.
  • Now a days it has become popular in women also. They taking tobacco without thinking of its effects on fetus. This leads to congenital defects in child. Moreover it is unsafe for those which are in company of smoker.

    Diseases Caused :

    1. Respiratory Diseases : Smoking can rupture walls of alveoli of the lungs, decreases the surface area for gas exchange and can also cause T.B.

    2. Cancer : Cigarette smoking cause cancer of lungs. It contains many carcinogens which can cause cancer of tongue, pharynx, tonsils etc.

    3. Cardiovascular Disease : It is major cause of coronary heart and nicotine damages bicuspid value of heart. It also make the person addict of smoking.


    Smoking is both a sociological and physiological phenomenon. It has been established beyond a doubt that smoking is harmful to health of smoker as well as to the person around the smoker. Smoking is a largest preventable cause of premature death, illness, disability.


    Cigarette is a burning stick with your lips on one end and fatal disease on the other.


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