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MBA Marketing Project Report on Influence of Advertisement on Food Habits of Childrens

Project Report Advertisement Effects on Food Habits of Childrens

Everyday our children come under an increasing exposure to television commercials and with the growing use of animation techniques. These advertisements are posing attractive to children. How do children process the advertised message, what do they do with it and to what extent they are influenced by what they see and hear? All these questions have become the subject of my research.

The degree of impact of advertising on adults may be problematic but the outcome is devastating for children. Advertising comes in different forms such as television, print, radio and Internet. So using such various communicating devices how the products are advertised to the so-called new segment in the market. Advertisers of children television used to appeal to the parents earlier but now they appeal directly to children who do not have the emotional or cognitive tools to evaluate what's being sold to them. Television is no more just a source of entertainment for children. Some countries have decided that the evidence of advertisings influence on children is strong enough to take legislative action.

For example, Sweden has imposed a ban on all advertising to children under 12 years old and Greece has regulated the content of children television advertising.

The attention span of very young children participating these young that the age of two and half year is quiet common. The child rarely facing oriented towards the television set, younger children tend to pay more attention through out them. Some thing of attential inertia-compared with older children. Older children attention with in series of commercial. Presented in block tended to drop toward the end. For all children full attention to commercial is highest for all the advertisement shown at the beginning of programmes and for children, the auditing full of commercial is often more powerful than the visual.

The accustomed viewing style has its impact on attention. For example viewing while sleeping on bed, sitting on the floor, at the dining table, when doing home work, eating, reading comics or in the presence of friends could results in reduce attention to commercial.

Effect of Television on Children

  “Promise lay promise is soul of advertisement.

At an early age children becomes attracted to television, the medium most capable of portraying life styles, value and social patterns to us. Indeed many of today's children can not avoid the clutches as television programming. One investigator estimates that during the elementary school years children watch television none that of any other time in their lives averaging 20-25 viewers hours per week. Because the vast amount of time that are spent in front of television set, many feel that children are drawn away from the other activities such as playing with other youngster's or practicing motor skill.

But in recent years advertising plays an important role in children's life. We note that children see a lot of advertisement but they rarely buy an item is a question. Seeing an actor or actress practicing to use a special brand of food can marginally encourage someone. Even if they do not get the suitable brand they tried to stick to the brand.

The influence of the media on the psychosocial development of children profound, it is important for the parents to know their child's exposure to media and provide guidance on age-appropriate use of all media including television, radio, music, video games and Internet. The objective of the report is to explore both the beneficial and harmful effects of media on children's mental and physical health and to identify how the advertising industry can be regulated by formulating unified laws to prevent the over-exposure of children to the advertising world.

About Fast Food

Human tastes and preferences keep on changing with the passage of time. This fact of consumer behavior is evident in every sphere of consumables and fast food sector is not an exception. As the society has undergone many transitions the tastes and preferences of consumers and their eating habits have also undergone a dramatic change. Gone are the days when eating at home and cooking was considered to be passion. Today people are more comfortable with eating out ready to eat products. A lot of credit for this can be attributed to various basic changes in the basic structure of society. Some of these are:-

1.  Increasing number of working women which has caused office work taking one kitchen work.

2.  Nuclear families - Less number of family members, so eating out is not a problem.

3.  High disposable income that has caused people to spend more and try out new things.

4.  Last but not the least the increasing influence of western culture, which has resulted in people going for a Mc Donald Burger instead of paranthas.

The major path breakers in this sector have been Mc Donald's, Pizza hut.

Objectives of the study

 Broad objective "To know the influence of advertisement on food habits of children"

·    To find out the effect of advertisement on children.

·    To know the viewer ship of advertisement.

·    How far the advertisements change the buying behaviour of children?

·    Do they always buy the product after watching the advertisement?

·    What criteria do they keep in mind while choosing between two same products, but of different brand, which are featured in advertisement.

·    Do the children keep the price in mind while buying the product?

·    Do they remember anything after watching the advertisement?

·    To know the liking and the disliking of consumers regarding the advertisement.

·    To measure the role of Advertisement in decision-making.



  Sr. No.                      Contents

1.                         Introduction

2.                         About Advertisement

3.                        About Fast Food

4.                        Objectives

5.                        Hypothesis

6.                        Research methodology

7.                        Review of Literature

8.                        Data Analysis and interpretation

9.                        Findings

10.                      Limitations

11.                      Conclusion

12.                      Questionnaire

13.                      References


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Title : Project Report on Influence of Advertisement on Food Habits of Childrens

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