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Project Report Consumer Preference Chocolate Brands

About the Project

Chocolate is perhaps the only word in the world, which finds most favorable response from one and all especially the children. In these days of competition many brands come & go but only those that are manufactured with quality consciousness are the ultimate survivors.

An attempt has been made to study the Consumer Preferences towards chocolates, which has mixed strata of population. Such as Businessmen, Service Class, Doctors and Educationists. The choice for chocolates is increasing day by day to advertisement war ventured by the manufacturers through different media aids such as TV Magazines and Newspapers etc.

Through this study, an attempt has been made to know the market potential & scope of the Flavors and Brands of Chocolates which find liking by the various consumer mainly the children & adults belonging to different age-groups.


1.      To know the reason for purchase of chocolates.

2.      To find out brand preference of the chocolates consumer.

3.      To find the factors which affect the consumer preference at the time of purchasing chocolates. 

Research about :

      Flavor choice

      Advertisement effect and effective media of advertisement

      Price consideration

      After effect of chocolate consumption

      Packaging effect

      Hunger /Status / Taste / Pleasure recognition as reason to relish chocolates Climate condition effect

Project Description :

Title : Project Report Consumer Preference Chocolate Brands

Category : Project Report for MBA

Description : Project Report Consumer Preference Chocolate Brands, Chocolate Marketing, Types of Chocolate in Market, Consumers Purchasing Behaviour of Chocolate

Pages : 64

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