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MBA Marketing Project Report on Effect of Customer Loyalty Programs in convenience stores

Loyalty Programme - Introduction

This project report is the Effect of Customer Loyalty Programs in convenience stores in Gurgaon. MBA Project Reports is an important part of theoretical studies. It covers all which that which remains uncovered in the classroom. It classroom it offers an exposure to real practical of a management of business organization. As we know well that practical training plays an important role in future building for an individual.

One can easily overcome the fear from that life in which he has to join as a member after sometimes. Just theoretical knowledge is not sufficient for the success of an individual to one should have practical knowledge about theory of general life.

I have been given an opportunity to do practical training on the “Effect of Customer Loyalty Programs in convenience stores.” I availed of this opportunity in a very satisfactory manner and I think it will be much beneficial for in future building.

Effect of Customer Loyalty Programs in convenience stores

Significance of study

Significance of study is important for the Retail Companies, Who fail or lack in customer loyalty program in convenience store. It is to study that how the loyalty programs attract to the customers and effects of loyalty program on customers. For to study the following objectives:


In this project I study to the customer response regarding the effect of customer loyalty programmes in different convenience stores. There my objectives are following:
1. To study the Customer Loyalty Programmes in different convenience stores.
2. To know that how they attract to the Customers for purchasing in the convenience stores.
3. To know the Effect of Loyalty program on customers.

For to achieve these objectives I focused on company profile, customer loyalty programmes of different convenience stores then I studied the loyalty programmes. And study that programmes how does the work, what are the tools for the customer loyalty.

For to do this project I used the descriptive cum exploratory research design, primary and as well as secondary data collection method, questionnaire as a tool for to collect the primary data with the directly response of the customers then I select the 40 respondents randomly and took their opinion regarding loyalty programmes of convenience stores.

I visited in gurgaon for taking the response of respondents and I also visited at nearest convenience store in Rohtak then I took information from the concern person of the store and I also visited at cybercafé for collecting the secondary data. So here in this study I found that most of the respondents are aware about convenience stores and they have purchased also from these stores. But due to this awareness I found some limitations regarding loyalty programmes of stores and then I gave some Suggestations with the help of questionnaire for to improve the loyalty of the customers in convenience stores.

So, it is the some brief of the entire project.

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