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Project Report on Natural Resources

This Project Report discuss about the Natural Resources, Natural Resources Project Report, Air, Water, Soil, Minerals, Coal, Petroleum, Animals and plants Project Report, Inexhaustible Natural Resources, Exhaustible Natural Resources etc.


This is to certify that this investigatory project report entitled “Natural Resources” completed by student under my supervision.


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Project Report / Essay on Natural Resources

Natural Resources Introduction :

Natural Resources : Stocks of the nature, useful to the man kinds are called natural resources. They are air, water, soil, minerals, coal, petroleum, Animals & plants. Today the basic needs of the life are fulfilled by material present in nature. We manipulate these Resources to produce whatever is required. The primitive Human beings had used only those resources that supported their life. The growing population, industrialization, consequent urbanization has compelled us to over exploit these natural resources.

Classification of Natural Resources:

Natural resources are broadly classified into two categories:

(a) Inexhaustible Natural Resources :

Inexhaustible resources are present in unlimited quantity in the nature and they are not likely to be exhausted by human activities.

They are:

(b) Exhaustible natural resources :

The stock of Exhaustible resources in the nature is limited. They are susceptible to be degraded in quantity and quality by the human activities. Some of the exhaustible natural resources are:


Natural Resources in Air : Air is an important form of inexhaustible natural resources which is essential for our survival. Air contains of a mixture of gases containing Nitrogen (78%) and Oxygen (21%). Carbon-dioxide, Ammonia, Ozone and Noble Gases (Helium, argon, etc.) constitute to 1% of the total volume of the air.

Atmosphere is the layer of air above the earth surface. The density of the air in the atmosphere varies at different altitudes from the surface of the earth. The atmosphere is thus divided into different zones. The air which we breath e exists in the first zone, 10 to12 km from the surface of the earth. This zone of the atmosphere is called Troposphere.

Above this is called Stratosphere. This is rich ozone gas forming ozone layer. It absorbs the harmful ultraviolet rays like cataracts, inflammatory diseases, cancer etc. Thus protects our lives.


Natural Resources in Water :Water is essential for the substance of the life. The density of the water is similar to that of Protoplasm. We have both the surface and the ground water. India has rich water bodies like rivers, ponds, lakes etc. water resources in the country is estimated to have an average run off in the river system of 1869km cube and 432 km cube ground water. This is available to us from the rainfall and the snow, which is a part of the Hydrological cycle.

According to the intensity of the annual rainfall, we have four zones:

  1. Wet zone: Over 200 cm.
  2. Intermediate zone: 100-200 cm.
  3. Semi arid zone: 50-100 cm.
  4. Arid zone; 20-50 cm.

Water that relocates into the ground through the pore spaces of the rocks is available as ground water. The porous rocks are saturated with water at a certain level below the surface that is known as zone of saturation. The upper level of the zone is called the water-table. The water-table is expressed with reference to the mean sea level. However, the vertical distance from the place on the surface to the water-table is called water-level. The water-table and water level is shown in the figure.


Natural Resources in Soil :Soil is another main natural resource essential for our survival and development. We fulfill our requirement of food, clothing and shelter mainly from the plants that grow in the soil or from animals that feed on such plants. Soil is the uppermost crust of the earth. The interaction b/w physical and Biological components format it.

The types of soil:

  1. Alluvial soil : it is rich in loam and clay
  2. Black soil : it has predominantly clay
  3. Red soil : it is sandy to loam
  4. Mountain soil : it is a stony sandy soil
  5. Desert soil : it is sandy and poor in organic carbon
  6. Literate soil : it has porous clay

Other Natural Resources :

The coal, petroleum, iron, aluminum, copper silver, and gold are among the important natural resources to the mankind. The coal and petroleum have been our sources of energy. The metals, non-metals, mineral, fuels and lubricants are irreplaceable unlike air or water.

They are used:

  1. Medicine and surgery
  2. Space
  3. Labor saving and luxury equipment’s
  4. Buildings
  5. Transport
  6. and National defense

The nuclear or atomic energy produced but the nuclear reaction occurring in metals like uranium and thorium. The minerals resources play a big role in the economy of the country.


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