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MBA Project Report on Equity Market And Competitive Analysis of  Stock Brokerage Houses with Special Reference to Religare


The project report is being done to train the people about the whole procedure essential to open an online trading account couple with demat account. The project will help in exploring the area where there is the feasibility of acquiring more new investors. It would also help in knowing the various competitors of the industry and exploring the areas through which competitive advantage could be obtained.


Project Report on Stock Market and Depository Services

Project Report on Primary Market and Secondary Market

The project report is divided into various sections.

1. About Stockbroker & online trading:

          This part of the project report describes about stockbroker and how brokers deal with customers and stock exchanges and also define online trading with merit and demerit.

2. Company Profiles:

This part of the project report describes the company profile. This part recognizes the achievements and rewards the company has achieved, it also gives little insights into what company offers to the Corporate and the Consumers. This section also describes the kind of technology used.

3. About Online trading account

Since the project leads to opening of online trading account, this section gives the details of what all services Religare offers to the consumer. This section gives the detail of how different services provided by the others online trading account and how is Religare superior from them.

4. Procedures and requirement for opening a Trading cum demat account

This section gives the detail of the different conditions that have to be met for opening a trading cum demats account. The section contains the document, which is required to open an account.

5. Different competitors in online trading

This section gives the detail of the different competitors and different services provided by them. Then we have compared there services with our services.

6. Different formalities for opening demat account

This section throws some light over different document as well as hardware and software requirement for opening of online trading cum demat account.

7. Learning about Dematerialization

This section tells you about different concepts regarding dematerialization. How you can get your security dematerialized? Growth rate of dematerialization etc.





       1.   Overview of the Indian Retail Brokerage Industry

                  . Introduction

      . Project Profile

      .Company Profile

      2.     Objective of the study

     3.     Research Methodology                                                      

     Methodology for Sampling

     Methodology for Acquiring Customers

     Sources of Data 

      4.     Data Analysis

    Other market players

    Competitive analysis of stock brokerage house

                Conversion of securities into the Demat form

      5.    Findings and Conclusion

      6.    Recommendations

      7.    Limitations





Project Report Description :

Category : Project Report for MBA

Title : Project Report on Equity Market And Competitive Analysis of  Stock Brokerage Houses with Special Reference to Religare

Pages : 80

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