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Market Position of differ Mutual Funds MBA Project Report

Mutual Fund Awareness Among Peoples

Project Report on Mutual Funds : Liberalization and globalization, along with the expanded distribution of the wealth among the middle class has evoked an interest of the common man into the intricacies of capital market.

Capital Market, once perceived to be a market of only for the elite and speculators, but now also attracted the attention of the common man. The stockbrokers were always influential and affluent, but a lot of transformation has taken place in his image from pawnbrokers to a man of financial acumen. The common man has now started learning the vocabulary of the capital market with terms like “bull and bear” explored upon in newest dimensions.

But the turbulence of the stock market has made the common investor apprehensive that is why the common investor has remained away from the industrial securities markets.

Mutual Funds Act as a financial intermediary between the common investors and the capital market. While on one hand they ensures a smooth returns on the investment of the investor and on the other hand they give them a much-desired security.

This project is all about the mutual funds awareness, what is the current market position of mutual funds & more or less about the industry growth in future.

This project is about the no. of interesting facts such as “a very low awareness level regarding Mutual fund amongst the people” and so on. This project helped me to know the differ facts as mutual funds industry is highly competitive & no. of schemes launched by differ players of the industry. Differ schemes have differ advantages for investors as some of the schemes are tax saving, some provides capital gain & some covers the future span of the investors.

It was interesting to know the capital market has been growing over the years in India. I feel that same growth will continue in long run with the higher rate.

Objectives of the Project - Mutual Funds

The main objective of this project report is to know about different mutual funds and the market position of different mutual funds.

Usefulness of the Project Report :

This project report provides Future of Mutual Funds industry information as well as awareness level amongst people for Mutual Funds.

The first part of the study gives an outlook to management as to how the mutual funds are performing in the current market situation as a result what may be the future of this industry.

Other two parts suggest the management that how many persons are aware of the mutual funds & what type of mutual funds & other investment channel they prefer in current Mkt. situation.

This study also is very informative the students who want to understand and undertake assignments in the industry. This study also facilitates the general people who can understand the importance and explore the new option for investment.


Project Description :

Title : Project Report on Mutual Funds

Category : Project Report for MBA

Description : Market Position of differ Mutual Funds MBA Project Report, Mutual Fund Awareness Among Peoples, Mutual Funds Industry, Market Position of differ Mutual Funds, Scope of Mutual Funds Industry in Future

Pages : 75

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