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Project Report on Consumers Awareness and Perception about Credit Card (PNB-Delhi)

Project Report on Consumers Awareness and Perception about Credit Card (PNB-Delhi)

Credit-card based electronic payment systems :

Consumers Awareness and Perception about Credit Card :- To avoid the complexity associated with digital cash and electronic checks, consumers and vendors are also looking at credit card payment on the Internet as one possible time-tested alternative. There is nothing new in the basic process. If consumers want to purchase a product or service, they simply send their credit card details to the service provider involved and the credit card organization will handle this payment like any other.

Table of contents

                                                                            Page No.

1. Introduction                                                     1-15

1.1 Significance of the Study

1.2 Review of Literature

1.3 Conceptualization

1.4 Focus of Study

1.5 Objectives of Study

1.6 Limitations of the Study

1.7 Chapterization

2. Research Methodology                                         16-20

2.1 Universe and Survey Population

2.2 Profile of PNB

2.3 Research Design

2.4 Sample Size and Techniques

2.5 Analysis Pattern

2.6 Applied Statistical Tools

3. Micro Analysis                                                     21-46

3.1 Analysis of Consumers Awareness about Credit Card

4. Macro Analysis (Inferences & Interpretation)     47-48

5. (A) Summary of Major Observations                 49-55

5.1 Marketing Practices Adopted by Banker about Credit Card.

5.2 Emerging Trends in Modern Banking Sector

5.3 Deficiences

(B) Suggestions and Recommendations                  56

6. Appendices                                                         57-62

6.1 Questionnaires

6.2 Bibliography

6.3 Annexures


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Title : Project Report on Consumers Awareness and Perception about Credit Card (PNB-Delhi)

Pages : 65

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