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Project Report on Primary Market, Primary Market Issues, Investors Attitude towards Primary Market


The past twenty five years have witnessed a process of accelerating change in the world’s financial markets. Driven by an interacting process of liberalization and innovation, regulations have been removed, New product have emerged and old boundaries between financial intermediaries have been blurred.

At the same time, growth of capital markets have posed new challenges to economic and financial stability.

Indian Capital Market Role in Investment

The role of Indian capital market which is to provide long term resources required by industries for investment has observed buoyancy in share market with the liberalization of industries and fiscal policies of the government.

Finance, the lie blood of industry is mobilized especially through New Issue Market or Primary Market.

Project Report on Primary Market Meaning

Primary Market Meaning :

Primary Market or New Issues Market is that part of capital market where dealing exchanges takes the boundaries de-marketing the financial services are fast eroding. Thanks to the innovations in the financial services, the movement towards made by existing companies are known as further issues.


Project Report Contents

Introduction to Primary Market

    * Problems of the Primary Market

    * Developments in Primary Market


Research Methodology

Data Analysis








Project Description :

Title : Project Report on Investors Attitude towards Primary Market

Category : Project Report for MBA

Pages : 70

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