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Job Satisfaction of Employees

Job satisfaction is a subjective, personal state perceived by the individual as being in his favour. It is the result of various attitudes possessed by worker. In a narrow sense, these attitudes are related to the job and concerned with such specific factors as wages, supervision, working conditions, advancement opportunities, recognitions of abilities, fair redressal of grievances and other similar items.

Job satisfaction is the favourableness or unfavourableness with which employees view their work. It results when there is a fit between job requirements and the wants expectations of employees. It expresses the extent of match between the employee's expectation of the job and the rewards that the job provides. Job satisfaction may refer either to a person or a group. Job satisfaction may be understood in the context of the employee's extent of satisfaction in general in his total life situation.

Ask a man why he works & the chances are he will tell you, to make money" certainly, the need to earn a living is the most powerful single reason why people work, though, as we see other/oh factors are also important.

"Man management is an art". To keep the workers satisfied, it is important to understand them, and predict their behaviour and compensate accordingly.

The term employee attitude, job satisfaction & morale are in many instances used interchangeably. BLUM however, has made the point that they are not synonymous.

Job attitude is the felling the employee has about his job, his readiness to react in one way or another to specific factors related to job., Job satisfaction or dissatisfaction is the result of various attitudes the person holds towards his job and related factors.

The attractiveness of any one job factor such as wages, is a consequence of the extent to which other job satisfaction or expectations are being fulfilled at a time. When a worker enjoys steady job, paying good wages, he is understably more concerned about the treatment he gets from his supervisors, the degree of independence & whether his job is interesting. But when he loses his high-paid job, he is more concerned about regaining steady well-paid employment.

Better a Bad Job than No Job At All"

People in organizations have many needs, all of which are competing. Some people are mainly drawn achievement, others are concerned primarily with security and so on. Despite these individual differences, an effective manager would not presume to decide which motives are important to his employees. If be has to understand, predict & control behaviour, he must know what his employees really want from their jobs. By bringing their perception closer to closer to reality, (i.e. what their people really want?) Managers can increase their effectiveness

What do Workers Really Want ?

A research was conducted among the employees in the US industry in 1949 in an attempt to answer the question: what do workers want? Managers and/or supervisors were asked to try put themselves in a workers shoe by ranking in order of importance a series of factors that workers may want from their jobs. In addition, the workers themselves asked to rank these same factors.

The managers/supervisors generally ranked good wages, job security, advancements and good working conditions as the things workers want most of their jobs. On the other hand, workers felt what they wanted most was full appreciation for work done, feeling 'in' on things and sympathetic understanding of personal problems-all incentives that seem to be related to affiliation and recognition motives. Only job security was among the top four concerns of both workers and supervisors. Supervisors as least important rated the other top thee things that workers indicated they wanted most from their jobs. This suggests very little sensitivity by supervisors as to what things are really most important to workers.

It is thus important that managers must know the tremendous discrepancies that seemed to exist in the past between what they thought workers wanted from their jobs and what workers said they really wanted.

Katz and Van Maanen (1977) identified 3 cluster of factors:

This means that a worker's attitude of how satisfied/Dissatisfied he/she is with his/ her job is a complex summation of a number of discrete job elements.

In short, job satisfaction is a general attitude which is the result of many specific attitudes in 3 areas:

Objectives of Project Report

As the largest commercial undertaking in India, Indian Oil has many offices all over the country. The study is carried out in Refineries Headquarters and Corporate Office at Lodhi Road in New Delhi. The main objectives of the study are :

1. To study of Job Satisfaction of Employees and Factors relating to it.

2. To analyze Job Satisfaction Level of Employees in IOCL.

3. To find out whether women are better satisfied with their job than man or men are better satisfied with their job than women.

4. To know on which factors employees are more satisfied with their job.

Project Description :
Title : Job Satisfaction of Employees in Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Panipat.

Category : MBA Project Report

Pages : 68

Description : Job Satisfaction of Employees in Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Panipat - MBA/BBA Project Report

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