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Sales of Demat Account, Competitors Analysis And Brand Positioning of Unicon Investment

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of

Master of Business Administration –Marketing & Sales



I, ______________, hereby declare that the Project Report titled “Sales of Demat Account, Competitors Analysis and Brand Positioning of Unicon Investment” is an authentic work done by me.

The information and findings presented in this report are genuine, comprehensive and reliable based on the data collected by me.

The project is undertaken as a part of the course curriculum of MBA full time program of MBA Management Student for the fulfillment of the degree.



I) Main Objective:

The main objective is Sales of the DMAT Account, Comparative Analysis with other companies and Brand Positioning of the Unicon Investments.

II) Specific Objectives:

III) Personal Objective:



Books and Newspapers:



QUESTIONNAIRE (Project Report on Customer perception regarding the Demat account service)

The aim of the questionnaire is to have a better understanding of Customer perception regarding the Demat account service offered by the company .

A demat account, the abbreviation for dematerialised account, is a type of banking account which dematerializes paper-based physical stock shares. The dematerialised account is used to avoid holding physical shares: the shares are bought and sold through a stock broker.

Please take few minutes to complete this survey. Your valuable inputs will be regarded as strictly confidential.

Personal details:

(a). Age _________ (b). Gender : Male/Female ________

(c). Occupation: Service/Business/Professional practice/Entrepreneur ____________________

(d). Income Rs. per month ________________________

1. In which of these financial instruments do you invest into? 
	Shares 		Mutual funds 		Bonds 		Derivatives 
2. Are you aware of online share trading? 
	Yes 		No 
3. Which mode of trading do you prefer? 
	Online 		Offline 
4. Do you have Demat Account? 
	Yes 		No 
5. With which company do you have your DEMAT account? 
	Sharekhan            ICICI Direct 	      Kotak Mahindra 	  
	India Bulls 	Unicon Investments 
	India Info line 	Others (Please specify__________________ 
6. What do u look for when u are going to in invest in the stock market? 
	Low Risk 		Low Return 		Medium Risk 	Medium Return 
	High Risk 		High Return 
7. Have you heard about Unicon Investments? 
	Yes 		No 
8. Do you know about the facilities provided by Unicon investments? 
	Yes 		No 
9. How you rate the services provided by your brokerage company? 
	Service :		Poor 	Average 		Good 	Excellent
	Can’t say 		Core services 
	Facilitatory services 		Advisory services 
10. What differentiates your Share trading company from others? 
11. How often do you trade? 
	Daily 		Weekly 		Monthly 		Yearly 
12. What percentage of your earnings do you invest in share trading? 
	Upto 10% 	Upto 25% 	Upto 50% 	Above 50% 
13. What extra service do you expect from your broker? 
	Depository Services 	     Margin Financing 	      Portfolio MGMT System 
	Trading 			Research & Technical Services 	All Above 
14. What has been your experience in the stock market? 
	Excellent 		Good 		Average 		Poor 
15. What additional services do you think you require with your DEMAT account? 

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