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Project Report MBA on "Comparative Study of Marketing of Different Products of Various Pharmaceutical Companies"

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA)



I, ____________ student of ___________________ is doing project report entitled “Comparative Study of Marketing of Different Products of Various Pharmaceutical Companies” being submitted to ___________________is an original piece of work done by me and has not been published or submitted elsewhere for any other degree in full or in part.



Project Report on Marketing of Pharma Industry




Practical exposure in the form of training is extremely important for it gives a close view of the relatives of the real business issue. For any business student who is striving to perform outstanding it is of paramount importance that apart from theoretical knowledge, he must also gain some practical knowledge. The Project Report deals with providing an opportunity to management students to have some exposure in the real business world.

The project report is concerned with the “Comparative Study of Marketing of Different Products of Various Pharmaceutical Companies.” During the tenure of Report, I studied the role played by Chemists and Pharmaceutical companies in promoting their product.

During the project I visited various pharmaceutical companies and chemists. I had studied various promotional strategies using by pharmaceutical companies.

Further in the report there is Research Methodology which is including area of study, sample size, data collection methods etc. Then report includes analysis and interpretation and findings and suggestions based on my study.


Introduction to Pharma Industry :

Drug abuse is becoming a serious problem in India. Thanks to the easy availability of various addictive substances and inadequate control, drug abuse has assumed an alarming proportion both in the urban and rural areas. Fast-growing unemployment in rural India and the outgoing personality of the average Indian have given a boost to the problem. Many research workers, social scientists and religious organisations have been regularly pointing towards the rising incidence of alcohol and drug abuse.

My project report is based on Analytical and Survey Study through questionnaire. The study deals with the comparative study of various Pharmaceutical Companies that deals in manufacturing commonly used drugs like Antibiotics, Antifungal, Topical Steroids etc. The study is related to study their average sales in comparison with each other, their schemes and brand loyalty of customer.

Besides the study also gives graphical representation for these companies based on the information gathered from some of the dealers chosen for this very study.


Pharmaceutical Industry : An Introduction

Pharmaceuticals are medicinally effective chemicals, which are converted to dosage forms suitable for patients to imbibe. In its basic chemical form, pharmaceuticals are called bulk drugs and the final dosage forms are known as formulations. Bulk drugs are derived from 4 types of intermediates (raw material), namely :

• Plant derivatives (herbal products)

• Animal derivatives e.g. Insulin extracted from bovine pancreas.

• Synthetic Chemicals.

• Biogenetic (human) derivatives e.g. Human Insulin.

Doctors, post-diagnosis to cure a disease or disorder in the patient primarily prescribes formulations. To prevent misuse/incorrect administration, most formulations are disbursed by pharmacies only under medical prescription and these are called ethical products.


Executive Summary of Project Report Pharmaceutical Industry :

The pharmaceutical industry is a knowledge driven industry and is heavily dependent on Research and Development for new products and growth. However, basic research (discovering new molecules) is a time consuming and expensive process and is thus, dominated by large global multinationals. Indian companies have recently entered the area and initial results have been encouraging.

In the global pharmaceutical market, western market are the largest and fastest growing due to introduction of newer molecules at high prices. A well-established reimbursement and insurance system implies that per capita drug expenditure is abnormally high in Western Countries as compared to the developing nations.

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry :

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is highly fragmented but has grown rapidly due to the friendly patent regime and low cost manufacturing structure. Intense competition, high volumes and low prices characterize the Indian domestic market. Exports have been rising at around 30% CAGR over last five years. There is a shift in export profile towards value added formulations from low value bulk drugs.

The Drug Pricing Control Order (DPCO) has been the millstone around the neck of Indian industry as it has severally restricted profitability and hence innovation. However, the government has been relaxing controls in a slow but progressive manner. The span of control of DPCO has come down as per the latest proposed changes.

In the domestic market, old and mature categories like anti-infectives, vitamins, analgesics are degrowing or stagnating while new lifestyle categories like cardiovascular, CNS, anti diabetic are growing at double-digit rates. The growth of a company in the domestic market is thus critically dependent on its therapeutic presence.

Marketing of Pharmaceutical Industry in India:

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is a vibrant, high technology based and high growth oriented industry - attracting attention the world over for its immense potential to produce high quality drugs and pharmaceutical formulations. The Pharmaceutical Industry is among the most highly R&D intensive industries. In fact, other than drug discovery, marketing has been the most important function in the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical marketing environment is perhaps the most challenging one on the Indian industrial scene today. As it approaches a new millennium it is faced, on the one hand, with new opportunities and new prospects, and on the other, with the emergence of a radically ordered pharmaceutical order.


Questionnaire For Consumers :

Name ____________________________

Age ____________________________

Sex ____________________________

Address ____________________________

Q.    Are you aware of various products of various brands ?

        (a) Yes     (b) No

Q.    Do you use OTC segment products of different brand?

        (a) Yes     (b) No

Q.    Which brand you found reliable in OTC segment

        (a) Cipla     (b) Ranbaxy     (c) Ind-Swift     (d) Other

Q.    Do advertisement of a particular company's product makes any effect on you ?

        (a) Yes     (b) No

Q.    Which source of advertisement attracts you most?

        (a) T.V. Ad's     (b) Hoardings     (c) News Paper     (d) Magazines

Q.    Commonly you will buy any medicine on prescription of :

        (a) Your Doctor     (b) Suggested by some friends or relative     (c) Suggested by the Chemist

        (d) Your family tested old one

Q.    What makes you to choose any product ?

        (a) Low Price (it may be sub-standard should not buy)

        (b) Higher price (it is costly hence it should be best)

        (c) Middle Range (At least it will do something)

Q.    Which brand you are satisfied with :

        (a) Cipla (b) Ranbaxy (c) Ind-Swift (d) Any Other

Q.    Tell you satisfaction level :

        (a) Cipla :  (i) Low (ii) Satisfactory (iii) Good (iv) Excellent

        (b) Ranbaxy : (i) Low (ii) Satisfactory (iii) Good (iv) Excellent

        (c) Ind-Swift : (i) Low (ii) Satisfactory (iii) Good (iv) Excellent

        (d) Any sort of quality improvement that you want in brand, suggest.



Questionnaire For Dealers :

Name ____________________________

Age ____________________________

Sex ____________________________

Address ____________________________

Q.    In which brand you deal in :

        (a) Cipla     (b) Ranbaxy     (c) Ind-Swift     (d) All of the above.

Q.    Which brand has maximum OTC sale at your shop ?

        (a) Cipla     (b) Ranbaxy     (c) Ind-Swift    

Q.    Which brand provides various promotional schemes to shop-keeper or the customer ?

        (a) Cipla     (b) Ranbaxy     (c) Ind-Swift

Q.    Which type of schemes are provided by company to the dealer or the consumer.

        (a) Extra Commission     (b) Good Profit Margin     (c) Any sort of contests

Q.    On your counter which brand is demanded mostly by the consumer ?

        (a) Cipla     (b) Ranbaxy     (c) Ind-Swift

Q.    Whether consumers switch over to other brand if their particular brand is not available ?

        (a) Yes     (b) No

Q.    Is their any seasonal variation in demand of medicines?

        (a) Winner     (b) Summer     (c) Any other

Q.    Is their any price differentiation in product ?

        (a) Constant     (b) Varied

        (i) Less     (ii) More

Q.    Which product you will suggest to the consumer ?

        (a) A product which gives you bonus but not so effective.

        (b) A product with no bonus but effective.



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Magazines :

Websites :

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