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Project Report on Effectiveness of Customer Relationship Management at Airtel

Project Report on Effectiveness of Customer Relationship Management at Airtel

Project Report CRM Introduction: Relationships have proved to be the central element in the success of business since time immemorial. They are the invisible threads, which bind all business associates. To remain competitive and to carve a niche in a global market, it has become imperative to manage customers effectively. Organizations have realized the lifetime value of a customer. CRM has once again acquired the highest place in every strategist’s priority list. Organizations are redesigning their strategies and sharpening their focus on Customer Relationship Management for achieving sustainable competitive advantage. Sophisticated toolkits, involving latest technology inputs, are being used to implement CRM programmes without proper knowledge of their impact on customers. The biggest Challenge faced by marketers is to know the effectiveness of their CRM programs. Keeping in view the requirements of marketers, it becomes essential to identify the determinants of CRM effectiveness. We see a great usage of CRM in the service industry, especially in the cellular services where each service provider is trying to have an edge over the other by means of enhancing customer satisfaction.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely implemented model for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support.

How to introduce CRM in the company ?

There are four key steps for putting one to one marketing program to work –

Step 1 : Identify your customers

To launch a one to one initiative the company must be able to locate and contact a fair number of customers or at least a substantial portion of its valuable customers. It is crucial to know the customer details as much as possible, not just their names or address, but their habits, preferences and so forth.

Step 2 : Differentiating your customers

Customers are different in two principal ways, they represent different levels of value and have different needs. Once the company identifies its customers differentiating them will help the company to focus its efforts to gain the most advantage with the most valuable customers.

Step 3 : Interacting with the customer

Interaction is also a crucial component of a successful CRM initiative. It is important to remember that interaction just not occur through marketing and sales channels, customer interact in many different ways with many different areas of the organization so to foster relationship all the areas of the organization must be accessible to the customer.

Step 4 : Customize your enterprise’s behavior

Ultimately to lock a customer into a relationship a company must adapt some aspect of its behavior to meet customer’s individually expressed needs this might mean mass customizing a manufactured product or it might involve tailoring some aspect of the service surrounding the product.

Objectives of the Project Report

The objectives of the project report are:

bullet To identify the customer relationship management programs being run by Airtel.
bullet To study the impact of CRM on Airtel.
bullet To study the factors affecting the CRM practices.
bullet To study the role of information technology in CRM on Airtel.


Table of Contents of Project Report:

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction

bullet Rationale of the Study
bullet Objectives
bullet Research Methodology
bullet Data Collection Procedure

Chapter 2: Theoretical Framework

bullet Origin of CRM
bullet CRM Defined
bullet Evolution of Relationship Marketing
bullet Benefits of CRM
bullet CRM Strategies
bullet The Role of Information Technology in CRM
bullet Elements for Success of CRM
bullet Benefits of a Well Defined CRM Infrastructure
bullet Relationship Marketing and Customer Lifetime Value for Cellulars
bullet Scope of CRM

Chapter 3: About Airtel

bullet Company Profile
bullet Awards
bullet Vision & Mission
bullet Bharti Values
bullet Airtel Quality Statement
bullet Recent Achievements

Chapter 4: Data Analysis & Interpretations




bullet Questionnaire
bullet Bibliography


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Title : MBA Project Report on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) at Airtel

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