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Project Report on "NOISE POLLUTION"
Introduction of Noise Pollution


This project Report is about Noise Pollution. Like other pollutants noise lacks visibility, seldom registering on the conscicouness except as a trifling irritant to be dismissed at will and therefore less likely to be perceived as a threat. Available data indicates that noise does pose a threat to health & is known to have caused a no. of complication. Declining productivity among workers in certain industries has been directly correlated with noise level, particularly those under constant exposure to the menace.

The first ever survey of the impact of noise on health, conducted by the all -Indian industries of medical science has established that noise not only impairs the physical & physiological functioning of the human organisms but also causes vomiting, pain, hypertension & a lot of other cardio-vascular complaints. Experiments with animals elsewhere have shown that certain intensities of noise causes convulsions & even death.

Besides affective health noise is also a significant factor in economic losses. According to proofing glaring an international expert on sound, “The potential cost of noise inducted hearing loss of industry is greater than for any occupation disease.” In the United States alone noise reported causes losses running into million of dollars daily affecting larger segments of population.
A study by postgraduate school of basic medical science, in moderns confirms such conclusion. In 50% of industries it was found that workmen exposed to higher intensities of noise in occupation capacities were often irritated, short-tempered & impatient & more likely to resort to agitation & disrupt production. This was true of unit in heavy irolustrial pockets in & around the 4 metropolitan centers. Sound is measured in units called decibels (dB) in honour of Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. A higher dB indicates to a higher level of sound on this scale a whisper is equal to 20dB, normal speech ranges bet. 30dB-50dB, vehicle egine peak at 900dB while reviving up. A jet engine roars 150dB. Uninterrupted exposure to noise above 80dB is harmful. At 90dB the upper tolerance limit prescribe by International stander union the effect become more pronounced 8 hours daily exposure causes life long deafness. At 93dB, tolerance level drops to 4 hours & the 2 hours at 96dB.




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