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Project Report/Essay on Fashion : WHAT IS FASHION ?

Fashion may be defined as way of living, dressing, decorating etc. which are popular today, but which are popular today, but which would soon loose their Popularity. It is somethingís passing & transitory, a mere craze of the moment to be looked down upon with contempt. For example, tight pants are the fashion today, but only a short wise ago broad loose pant were the order of the day. If today a man appear is Society wearing Broad pants, he would be help up to ridicule, by only a few year ago they were the height of fashion, symbol of good haste & culture.

Project Report Fashion : An Introduction :

When the Primitive cave dwellings have evolved into modern luxury apartments & the automobile industry is turning out sleeker car models every year, one canít expect the apparel design of man to have remained static. Like the dwelling place & the car, clothes too mark out a manís status. Unlike the dwelling place & car, one takes his clothes wherever one goes. Therefore, a man is as conscious oh his cloths as of his status. It is natural for him to put his best foot forward. So he always tries to present himself in the most attractive dress appropriate to an occasion. It leggie a lot of time a mental effort to understand a mental effort to understand a manís personality but one can make a good first impression on others by the way he is dressed. In the competitive world of today, one is likely to strike a discordant note if one is out of fashion.

Fashion Variety

Variety is the spice of life. Is adds to the joy & excitement of mankind. Fashion offers a great variety in the field of human dress. Man is not only a social animal; he is gifted with a storages sense. He loves beauty around him & also to look beautiful. In this fast changing words, Perhaps nothing changes faster than fashion. There is a humorous incident pertaining so fast changing fashion fends of precisian, coincidence to be the leaders in fashion. He told that fashion in Paris changed so fast that he would like his wife to wear her new dress at least once before it become absolute. This instance demonstrative the ludicrous extent to which fashion has gone these days.

New Fashion

It is said that you cannot your finger twice in the same river. It underscores the law of change and flocks. Fashions are no exceptions to the law. They come and go & change rapidly in the spirit of time Fashion come into vogue & then go out of vogue because man loves change. Variety & Novelty old routine, stereotyped, state & type cast things are not to his liking with the change in the mood of man, change the styles manners, conduct & way of life. It adds Zest and liveliness to life change & variety is the other name of fashion. It is manís nature to be fashion able. He is not only a rational & social being, but also a fashionable being. Fashions are infections as well & spread rapidly like a wild fire, especially among young man & women of the big towns & cities. Youth is more fashion- conscious & rightly. So because the represent the best of life conscience be in the stream of current fashions. In such a situation it is said you remain in shape & fashion, but become beasts in life & condition. It is better to be a little out of fashion than to be in fashion at the cost of ones conscience & discretion.

Young People Fashion :

Young man & women living in big towns & cities with a network of fast & affective means of communication & availability if audio visual aids in plenty are really fashionable people. In the urban areas thousands & thousands of people live & mix up with each other & exchange ideas, opinions & interact freely. They belong to different classes faiths & speak different languages & so have different manners, tastes & styles. There are clubs, societies social gatherings and get together, which bring people into close contact with one another. We all see them in hotels, restaurants, cinema halls, colleges, universities, schools, offices, factories etc. Where people see different styles & fashions & then try to imitate or to in pond upon the existing ones.

New Fashion

Fashion Consciousness :

Fashion consciousness in cities is so widespread & deep that as soon as a fashion comes in vogues London, Paris, New-York or Rome. It is adopted & patronized by people in India. The means of communication are now so fast that the earth has turned into a global valley & the infectious fashion knows no boundaries of time & space. The people in villages, rural areas & remote places remain untouched by waves of fashion both because of lack of means of communication & poverty. But villages & towns too are not immune as traditional values; modes of living & tradition are giving way to change & novelty. They two are affected by new flanged fashion, designs, patterns & way of living & as the process is slow & gradual it takes time for a fashion to reach the villages from the cities through films, Videos & personal contact.

Impact of Film and TV Starts

Film and cable TV are a great source of fashion & quick changes in them. Fashions are liquid & changeable like weather. Till recently bell bottoms, midis, minis & maxis were quite in fashion. But fashions are unpredictable & keep on changing according to the mood, fancies & ideas of the people & the influence of the popular films. Therefore, it is not easy to predict What & When would be in vogue or out of vogue. Fashions are also influenced by glossy, count & eye-catching textile advertisements fashion show, propaganda of fashion & dress designers articles in the fashion magazine and foreign visitors. The co-education & ever increasing no of women seeking jobs have further flied & encouraged the fashion consciousness among the people.

Advantages of Fashion :

From Fashion, Man shows himself with good personality. "The apparel of proclaims the man" Therefore, the urbanities, particularly the young men and women and colligates always keep themselves abreast of modern trends in style and fashions. Consequently the tailors, fashion, designers, cosmetic manufacturers are having a booming Business. The catch on the new ideas in circulations & immediately put fashion products to suit the new fangled, fads, fashions and through it fashion designing and technology is now on established branch of human knowledge, science and practice. It provides employment sign as fashion in practice appeals and peoples, promoterís togetherness, social interaction and enlivens the environment. Fashion too, should be promoted to enrich our life.

New Fashion

Project Report Fashion Designing :

Fashion designing has been a super specialty. It is a lucrative profession too. Garments are designed to go with every man of the individuals & to fit in every occasion of life. There have to be specially designed out firs her swimming & for other sports like tennis, footballs & athletics.

Fashion designers have expensive models to market their apparels. This practice gives a great Phillip to health care & body fitness models have to keep themselves in shape by bodily exercise and workouts. Fashion modeling has generated a great enthusiasm among children & yours people for Physical fitness. This is a great gain to the human society.

S.No. Name of Place in India Percentage
1 Kolkata 75%
2 Mumbai 85%
3 Delhi 80%
4 Bangalore 50%
5 Patna 50%

Why we Choose this Topic :

We choose this topic because this is a current topic. This is the time of fashion. Every people want to change him with fashion. Fashion of clothes, Fashion of living, Fashion of make-up, Fashion of colors, Fashion of hairstyles etc. all thing come in fashion. It is suitable that men change with fashion. But now-a-days men are advanced in comparing fashion & except foreigner fashion from this it destroy our Indian culture, our limits. This is a big problem created from fashion is that our Indian culture is destroy & second problem is that man waste his money. Our country facing these problems form fashion. So, we choose this topic.

Problems from Fashion :

 It is good man changes with Fashion u now-a-days man are advanced in comparing fashion. Men except the foreigner fashion. This fashion destroys our Indian culture. Man mad foolish mainly students of colleges. Girls wear tight jeans, short midis as tight as possible. Boys also wear fitting jeans & keep their hairs long like as big actor like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan. They wear this from seeing in T.V. This destroys our culture. From this second problem also create is that thus waste their money & made extravagant. In colleges students going for studies but today students going in college as fashion show. They put bad impact in our future generation. Youths spent their time in shopping for fashion & waste their money and time also. All boys & girls to want looking good, smart and unique only for this they waste their money & time & destroy our Indian Culture. We know that today all like fashionable people, but if we will go in excess of fashion then this excess of fashion is heavy on us. Fashion makes men extravagant, un-careful for their future. Man wants have a good reputation in society. This is not necessary that we got this reputation only from going more & more fashion we got this reputation from limited fashion.

Sr. No. Name of Place Male in Fashion (%age) Female in Fashion (%age)
1. Delhi 50% 60%
2. Mumbai 50% 70%
3. Haryana 35% 25%
4. Bangalore 40% 45%
5. Kolkata 50% 45%

Solution :

Firstly, we learn that, it is good to be fashionable, but it is a better to be simple & dignified because simplicity with dignity is the best & evergreen fashion. We should try to less the foreign fashion, new-fangled fresh & ideas which erode & cut into our rich cultural heritage & velour-change is the law of nature and so desirable and appreciable, but it does not mean slavish, blind & foolish aping & imitation of foreign ideas styles, meanness & designs in dress, shoes, hairstyles etc. Our own folk, classical and standard is traditions, customs, manners are so rich. Varied and unique that we can very well depend upon them to quench our thirst for change. We are own responsible for the problem created from fashion and we control these problems from controlling on our selves. If we do fashion & do fashion regarding our Indian culture these problem are solved. We do those fashions from which fashion is done and not destroy of our Indian culture, time & money. India is known for their culture and nature of Indians of this culture, if this culture is destroy and nature of Indians change from fashion then Indian will unknown for his special quality




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