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Project Report on "Tools to Diagnose the Vital Capacity"

This project report of Biology 12th Class is on "Tools to Diagnose the Vital Capacity"

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Biology project report

Project Report Name : "Tools to Diagnose the Vital Capacity"

Type of the Project : Investigatory

Class : XII (Medical)

"Tools to Diagnose the Vital Capacity"

Vital Capacity : It is the amount of air which can be maximum inspired and also maximum expired. It varies from 3.5 to 4.5 litre in a normal adult person. It is the sum of tidal volume, inspiratory reserve volume & expiratory reserve volume. [VC = TV + IRV + ERV]. Vital capacity of a lung is directly proportional to its capacity of increasing during ventilation for gaseous exchange. Thus vital capacity of athletes, mountain dwellers than plain dwellers. Vital capacity is more in men than women & in young ones than old person.


Physical efficiency of a sports man is more than a normal person. Males have more vital capacity than females persons who do not exercise have low vital capacity then those person who do more work & muscular work have more vital capacity.


Physical efficiency of people is decreasing due to decreases in vital capacity.

Project Introduction

The modern age of medical science has succeed is increasing the life span of man. Vaccines have developed against many deadly disease like Rabies, Chicken pox etc. Many disease like polio, diphtheria considerably controlled.

Science has increased the capacity of a man to fight against many disease but unfortunately on the other hand efficiency of human being going on decreases.

Normally people think that a laughy person is physically fit & a slim can not be fit. But it is not true a laughy person may be physically fit & a slim can be fit. A person who does physical exercise & muscular exercise is more fit than a normal person.


Vital capacity :

The amount of air which we can exhale with maximum effort after inhalation with maximum effort. It is about 3.5 lit. to 4.5 lit. in a normal person.

External Respiration :

It is the intake of O2 by the blood from H2O or air in the respiratory organs and elimination of CO2.

Internal Respiration :

  1. Uptake of O2 by tissue and cells from blood.
  2. Oxidation of food in tissue & cells by the action of oxidising enzymes, producing CO2.
  3. Storage of energy from oxidation in the phosphate bonds of ATP.
  4. Release of CO2 by tissue cells into the blood.


Experiment : Vital capacity for girls

Sr.No. Name of Student Vital Capacity
1. Neha 3000
2. Priti 2500
3. Reena 4000
4. Monika 3500
5. Divya 4000

Average Vital Capacity = 35%.


Experiment : Vital capacity for sports enjoying girls

Sr.No. Name of Student Vital Capacity
1. Neelam 4000
2. Dipti 4500
3. Manju 5000
4. Pooja 4500
5. Meenakshi 5500

Average Vital Capacity = 47%.


Experiment : Vital capacity for boys

Sr.No. Name of Student Vital Capacity
1. Anil 4500
2. Pawan 4500
3. Sunil 5000
4. Pardeep 5000
5. Rakesh 5500

Average Vital Capacity = 47%.


Experiment : Vital capacity for sports enjoying boys

Sr.No. Name of Student Vital Capacity
1. Amit 5000
2. Vinit 5500
3. Jitender 4500
4. Rajesh 6000
5. Pardeep 4500

Average Vital Capacity = 51%.


Results :

On the basis of experiment it is obvious that vital capacity for girl is less than boys.

On the other hand vital capacity of sports girls is higher than the average vital capacity of girls. As well as vital capacity of sports boys is higher than the average vital capacity of boys.

Now, it is obvious that vital capacity of sport girls and boys is higher than their average vital capacity.



By this project, we can easily conclude that physically active boys and girls have more vital capacity thus they are more energetic.

This project can also be used to check the physical standard of person while recruiting them in forces.





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