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Project Report on Effectiveness of Personal Selling in Business to Business (B2B)


Significance of Study


Review of Literature

Dr.Matin Khan:- “The oral presentation of a company products, or services to one or more prospective purchasers for the purpose of making a sale”.

David L.Kurtz:- “Personal selling is a promotional method in which one party (e.g., salesperson) uses skills and techniques for building personal relationships with another party”.


Industry Profile

In 1912, an English metallurgist, Harry Brearly, accidentally discovered Stainless Steel.

From undergrounds pipes to space, dairy equipment to pharama equipment, coins to automobiles. Stainless Steel is everywhere. Like we like to say, "Tomorrow definitely belongs to Stainless Steel".

Company Profile - Jindal Stainless Ltd.

Jindal group was founded by late Sh. O.P. Jindal in1952.

Jindal steel is one of the largest steel producers in India with 12 plants in India and 2 in USA.

He started by trading in steel pipes in Nalwa, a village in the present-day Haryana.


Focus of the Problem

Focus of problem is common task of salespeople, especially when selling in business markets, is to educate customers on new product offerings The fact that personal selling involves person-to-person communication makes it a natural method for getting customers to experience a product for the first time..


Objectives of the Project

The main objective of this study is to know “Effectiveness of personal selling in b2b selling”.

Sub Objectives :

The available information through scientific procedures.


Research Methodology :


Analysis of Project Report on Effectiveness of Personal Selling in b2b Selling

1. Which steel company you most prefer?

2. Which method of contact is used by between you and your company?

Direct - 16, Telephone - 84, Email - None, Fax - None

3. Which mode of purchasing you prefer?

Director - 0, Indirect - 100

Findings of the Project

Limitations of Project Report

Project Description :
Title : MBA Project on Effectiveness of Personal Selling in Business to Business - Project Report- 90 Pages
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