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Project Report Credit Schemes of SBI and other Banks

Project Report "Banking System" in India

Focus of the problem

The study has been conducted at SBI Bhiwani. The main focus of the study is to know about customers perceptions about various credit schemes. As SBI card is an integral part of SBF (small business financing). So the due weightage is given to SBI card. This study has been conducted by classifying customers into two categories.

                SBI Card holders

                Non SBI Card holders

 Objective of the Study

                To find out the market potential of SBI card in Bhiwani.

                To know customers perceptions about various credit schemes of different banks.

                To compare the credit schemes of different banks.

                To find out main obstacles while getting finance under various credit schemes.


Limitations of the study

                The time was very limited as for requirement of study.

                Taking Sample has carried out the study. Therefore, all the limitations associated with sampling.

                Sometimes the respondent does not want to disclose some relevant information.

                 The information provided by the respondent may not be authentic.

                The sample size was restricted to Bhiwani only.



The Chapterisation of the project report is as following :

Chapter 1 :

                I have discussed about the relevance and importance about the project.  I have explained the topic with ATM facilities. Why this study is required? What are the limitations? What are the objectives and what are the steps I have adopted for doing this project.

Chapter 2 :

                This study consists of the whole research methodology about the project. It means what are the steps have been taken for doing this study. How much the sample size and what are the variables? So this study consist the complete research methodology. In this chapter the profile of organisation has been also covered.

Chapter 3 :

                It consists the detail descriptions about the raw data. Here the complete analysis of the data, which is collected from the primary sources. For tabulation the data is converted into the percentage and after that it is tabulated. On the basis of this data the graph are inserted. At last the conclusion is drawn on the basis of this data. 

Chapter 4 :

                It consists the appendices part of the project report in this part I have mentioned the names of all those books, magazines, journals and web-sites from where I have collected the material comes under the head of bibliography. It also consists the questionnaire, which is used for collecting the data.

Universe or survey population

All the customers availing credit schemes in Bhiwani is our universe while the sample size is 50. The sample unit is individuals.

Criteria of selecting sample :

We are taking the sample on our convenience.

Sampling techniques :

Sampling techniques may be divided into two categories :

(1)            Probability sampling

Probability samples are characterized by the fact hat each element of the population has known, non-zero chance of being included in the sample.

(2)            Non-probability sampling :

Non-probability sampling involves personal judgement somewhere in the process. For the present study, convenient technique of sampling (non-probability) was used.

Research Design

A research design is simply a plan for study in collection and analyzing the data. It helps the researcher to conduct the study and ensure that economical procedures are employed and probing is relevant to the problem. Depending upon the objective of the study there is three-research design available : .

                Exploratory Research

                Descriptive Research

                Casual or Experimental Research

Data Collection :

There are two sorts of data available :

1.                 Primary Data :

Primary Data are those data which are collected to solve a problem or take advantage of any opportunity on which a decision is depending. These data are basically observe and recorded by the researcher for the first time used primary data for my project work.

2.                 Secondary Data :

Secondary data are those data which are primarily collected by other person for his own purpose.

Methods of Data Collection :

                Observation Method

                Questionnaire Method

Identified Independent and Dependent variables :

Independent variables :

All the external factors are independent variables  :

                Govt. policy of RBI

                Environmental factors



                Natural Calamities

Dependent variables :

All the internal factors of organization are dependent variables  :

                Company policy


Project Report on SBI Credit Schemes ....analysis, suggestions, bibliography, questionnaire

Project Report on SBI Credit Schemes First chapter ......

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