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Project Report on Assets and Liability Management of Different Banks - Comparative Study of Bank of India, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Bank of Rajasthan Ltd. and Jammu & Kashmir Bank


This Project Report is on Assets and Liability Management of Different Banks and all information about Comparative Study of Bank of India, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Bank of Rajasthan Ltd. and Jammu & Kashmir Bank

Contents :


Assets and Liabilities Management :

Assets and Liabilities Management {A.L.M.}:- Assets liabilities Management is concerned with strategic balance sheet management involving risks caused by changes in interest rates, exchange rate, credit risk and the liquidity position of bank.

Asset Liability Management is the act of planning, acquiring, and directing the flow of funds through an organization.


Parameters of ALM

Gap :-  Total assets – Total liability

Net Interest Income:- Interest Income – Interest Expenses

Net Interest Margin:- Net Interest Income/ Average Assets

Equity Economic Ratio:- Owner’s fund / Total assets


Components of Bank’s Balance Sheet

Bank’s Liabilities :

Bank’s Assets :


Flow-Chart of Banks :

Objectives of the study

An effective Asset Liabilities Management technique aims to manage the volume, mix, maturity, and rate sensitivity, quality of assets and liabilities as a whole so as to attain a predetermined acceptable risk/reward ratio. The main purpose of ALM is to enhance the asset quality.

Bank of India - Balance sheet

Source of Funds Rs. (in Crore) Uses of Funds Rs. (in Crore)
Equity share capital 525.91 Fixed assets: Net block 636.05
Reserve & surplus 8300.38 Capital work in progress 26.92
Unsecured loans 150011.98 Investments 41802.88
Current Liabilities and provision 11056.16 l Current assets, Loan & advances 3407.32
Total 169894.43 Total 45873.17

Parameter of Asset and Liability Management :

Gap -: Total assets – Total liability

Gap-: 45873.17-169894.43 = (-124021.26)

Equity Economic Ratio-: Owner’s fund / Total assets

Equity Economic Ratio-: 525.91/4143.37 = 0.13

Interpretation: The equity economic ratio shows that owner’s stake is less(.13) as compare to total assets and huge gap between (-124021.26 crore) total assets and total liabilities.





Project Description :
Title : Assets and Liability Management of Indian Banks Project Report- 65 Pages

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