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MBA HR Project Report on Workers Participation in Management in Grasim Industries Ltd.

This Project Report is on Workers Participation in Management {WPM} of Grasim Industries Ltd. Project Report, Economic Decisions, Social Decisions of Employees

Workers Participation in Management

It is the process, by which authority and responsibility of managing industry are shared with workers.

Three groups of managerial decisions affect the workers of any industrial establishment and hence the workers must have a say in it

Economic Decisions – Economic Decisions like methods of manufacturing, automation, shutdown, lay-offs, mergers.

Personnel Decisions – Personnel Decisions like recruitment and selection, promotions, demotions, transfers, grievance settlement, work distribution.

Social Decisions – Social Decisions like hours of work, welfare measures, questions affecting work rules and conduct of individual worker’s safety, health, sanitation and noise control.

In practice, the participation of employees/workers can take place by one or all the methods listed below:

Significance of Study Workers Participation in Management [WPM] in Grasim Industries Ltd. :

  1. To improve the efficiency of enterprise.
  2. To establish harmonious industrial relation
  3. To attain industrial peace and harmony
  4. To give the workers and acceptable status.
  5. To develop self management in the industry.
  6. To increase the productivity level with mutual understanding
  7. Easy to implement the change may by possible by WPM
  8. Information sharing and decision making
  9. Improving the self control degree.

Factor considering by Grasim Industries Ltd. in Employees/Workers Participation in Management [WPM] :

Objectives of Project Report

Objectives of Project Report shoes the ultimate aim for doing the work on project these are as follows-

  1. To analyze about the various methods of workers participation in management [WPM]
  2. To determine the criteria for workers participation in management
  3. To analyze about the various results and effectiveness in regarding of workers participation in management [WPM] to Grasim Industries Ltd.
  4. To determine the factors for workers participation in management [WPM]
  5. To analysis about the challenges faced by Grasim Industries Ltd. for workers participation in management [WPM]
  6. To analyze about the full concept of workers participation in management.

Research Methodology

Research Methodology (also called manner) is defined as

"the systematic study of methods that are, can be, or have been applied within a discipline".

Research Methods

The goal of the research process is to produce new knowledge. Some of research methods are:

Exploratory Research : Exploratory research, which structures and identifies new problems

Constructive Research : Constructive research, which develops solutions to a problem

Empirical Research : Empirical research, which tests the feasibility of a solution using empirical evidence

As discussed previous the main approaches of research,

Here I used in this project report on Workers Participation in Management [WPM], an exploratory research approach.

Analysis and interpretation

Grasim Industries Ltd. focus three main principle for WPM

  1. Experience
  2. Possibilities
  3. People building and mutual development.

Ways and methods of WPM in Grasim Industries Ltd.

Maximum adopt the method of Q.C.C and T.Q.M



As we can conclude that WPM is very important tool for productivity increased harmonious relationship and industrial growth. There are various methods of WPM, but QCC and TQM are mostly followed by Grasim Industries Ltd..

Project Description :
Title : MBA HR Project Report on Workers Participation in Management {WPM} of Grasim Industries Ltd. - 65 Pages

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