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Project Report on Grievance Handling System

Grievance means any real or imaginary feeling or dissatisfaction and injustice which an employee has about his employment relationship. Grievance is any dissatisfaction or feeling of injustice in connection with one’s employment situation that is brought to the attention or management. In other words a grievance is any discontent or dissatisfaction whether expressed or not, whether valid or not arising out of any thing connected with the company that an employee thinks, believes or even feels, or unfair, unjust or in equitable.

Features of Grievance Handling :

  1. A grievance reflects dissatisfaction and discontent or a feeling injustice.
  2. The dissatisfaction must arrive out of employment and not for personal and family problem.
  3. The dissatisfaction may be expressed or implied. Grievance may be express verbally or in writing. Gossiping, jealous argumentation, careless use of machine, material, poor workmanship, untidy housekeeping etc. are verbal grievance. Written grievances are often called complaints.
  4. The dissatisfaction may be valid and legitimate or irrational and ridiculous or false.
  5. Grievances have arisen only when on employee’s feels that injustice has been done to him.
  6. Grievances if not redressal in time tend to lower morale and productivity of employee’s.

In other Words of Grievances

Grievance is any discontent or dissatisfaction whether express or not and whether valid or not arising out II’ any thing connected with the company which an employee thinks, believes or even feels is unfair, in just or inequitable.

Infect the grievance is always an individual problem but when causes of the grievance affect several employees of an organization and the problem is taken up by the union it become and dispute.

A grievance must he related with company outside source which are beyond the control of the company do not constitute a grievance for E.g. illness in the family, quarrel with neighbor and to company.

The term grievance varies from company to company the interpretation If the terms would include any discontent or dissatisfaction which affect the organization relations and performance. As such grievance can be real or imaginary written or real, legitimate or illegitimate.

On the words If Keith Davis Grievance is any real or imagined feeling of personal injustice which an employee has about the employment relationship.

In fact in case of real grievance if dissatisfaction of one employee can be genuine which may he due to supervisory behavior or the fact that his/her terms and conditions of employment have been violated or ignore by the management.

A dissatisfaction and grievance must be expressed to that it is easy to recognize and manifested in several ways, for e.g. gossiping, jealousy, carelessness in the use of tools and materials.

Causes of Grievance :

Grievance may arise due to the following reason:

1. Grievance Arising out of working condition:

2. Grievance arising from management policy:

3. Grievance Arising from alleged violation of:

4. Grievance arising out of personal maladjustment:

Project Description :
Title : Project Report on Grievance Handling System, Project on Employees Grievance Handling System - 62 Pages

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