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Project Report on Enrichment Skills of Employees in Life

There is ample opportunity to each and every employee in any organization or firm to enrich his skills while discharging his legitimate duties day to day.  It is an everlasting process to acquire skills and abilities. The primary objective of any employee is nothing but the enrichment of skills in his life. Every employee may come across with various situations in his official life. All the occasions must be utilized fully for realization of the skills and abilities.  It is necessary to utilize the every opportunity to develop skills and official techniques for the improvement of professional growth of the employees. Enrichment of skills by updating it day by day is the need of the hour to promote Excellency and expertise.

It is not an impossible thing for any body that evinces interest in development and expansion of the interpersonal skills, in his running career. It is a boon to every body to catch hold of the modern trends in identifying the various skills in their day to day life without any extra activity. It is a routine activity, where people can come across with several experts, Managers, Specialists, to observe their tendencies, passions, mannerisms, attitudes and professionalism. Keen observation of the style of functioning of those experts will render the employees  to gain a quantum of experience to identify  the managerial skills from out of the outputs derived on account of  the said observation. There is no need for any specialized trainings and  conduct of seminars & workshops for acquisition of skills, as the continuous task of the employees in their routine official life supports them to acquire sufficient skills for career development if one is committed towards such initiation and advancement.

Soft skills of Employees

Soft skills are very vital for any employee in a firm. It should be his endeavor to ensure for the learning and practicing of the soft skills in every walk of life. It is one of the key factors to gain weight -age before the higher officials in his company or firm who will always appreciate the existence of the skills within you. Once a standardized opinion is formed against any employee based on the acquisition & development of soft skills, it ensures sustainability for ever to generate progress of the employee in the organization for its promotion.

Employers always try to find its employees with full pledged experts in all aspects with sufficient skills for improvement of the working conditions. Employees and workers must take this opportunity to develop their multiple skills for the promotion of the objectives and goals of the firm. Their ambition and inculcation should turn towards the enrichment of soft skills at every point of time, with proper initiation and interest, so that it would not be a difficult task for its complete attainment.

Communication skills of Employees

Communication skills are one of the important soft skills to be developed by each and every employee. It is to ascertain through strict observation, dedication, commitment, collectiveness, free and fair mentality, talkativeness, and social moving with all the employees .Reading reference books, magazines, journals, News paper articles will give you a wonderful strength to develop communication skills. They will provide you the way in which you have to communicate the ideas, thoughts, concepts etc.

Communication skills will be developed through the above processes every day. Every day employees are having many more contacts with co-workers, colleagues, and other related officials in their business transactions, wherein employees interact with each other for the purpose of the fulfillment of the assigned tasks as per job chart. It is the convenient and appropriate time to utilize the opportunities  to enhance our communication skills, speaking skills, listening skills, writing skills,  observation skills, language skills, and what not every thing relating to Communication skills. Skills will come out from out of the experiences, activities, interactions, involvement, indulging and mingling with colleagues and co-workers. Inter-personal relations will develop simultaneously.  

Each and every talk of the day, must be regulated with common usage of language, proficiency, talent, observation, punctuality,  regularity, reverence, benevolence and patience, which will develop self confidence in our mind to move further to maintain better skills in communication.  A simple task of writing a small leave letter will fetch you to develop writing skills in a proper way. Sitting before the Computer, click on Compose, writing something to a friend, or relative or any other colleague will give you the expertise in writing, drafting, and language skill. Communicating your feelings to your friends and relatives through E-mail daily for an hour, may give you a good spirit of habit of writing skills perfectly. It tantamount you to lead into a perfect content writer with beautiful language and writing power enormously. Verbal and written communication skills develop a lot by means of our daily activities in our office, organization or firm, with commitment and understanding to improve the skills in a proper way. Make out for a reading habit, to read professional journals, magazines, news papers and other important Management Books which are very important and concerned to your career.  Read the articles sincerely with an  open mind and try to make out  a copy of the article to send it to your friends and colleagues. This will create not only verbal but also written communication skills in you.

Project Report Leadership Qualities of Employees

Leadership qualities are to be developed. Team spirit, team collectiveness, team co-ordination, supervision and control are main factors for the development of the leadership qualities. It can be developed with an understanding between the employees and co-workers to manage them properly towards the task assigned to each of the person, and make them to tend towards their job chart for the benefit of the firm or company. Leadership would be appreciated only when the team members satisfy with the leadership qualities, behaviour, the authority of control, and the manner under which they were to be treated. The leading tendency towards the subordinates must be positive in nature and culminating with human tendency and humanistic approach. Such type of qualities is expected to be developed for sustainable professional growth.

A leader is one who works well, who developed well, who treats his colleagues and subordinates well, who feels about his employees well, who considers his co-workers well, and who always thinks about the development of skills among his co-employees, team members. If a leader works on such lines, it would pave the way for harmonious environment in the firm. It may be possible in our day to day activities and tasks, if we take into account the qualitative improvement of leadership skills, in our common learning processes. Attaining the leadership qualities is one of the important skills in everybody’s life. Developing leadership qualities in our daily life is possible.

It is not a thing to borrow from anybody else. It is within you. You have to develop your personality in order to attain the quality of leadership. By means of your interactions with your colleagues you can improve your team spirit and by keen observations of the attitudes, behaviour, personality, leading mentality etc., of your superior officers/Employees, the spirit of leadership can be identified and followed. By virtue of your day to day activities and improvements in the working situations, leadership qualities will be developed a lot. It is for you to receive and retain these qualities within you and strive hard for its development and keep them in your mind to become a good leader.

Positive Approach of Employees

Positive approach is another skill to be developed largely. Positive outlook, right thinking, and rational treatment are worth while qualities of committed employees. Employee’s relations, friendliness, harmonious relations, favorable considerations are nothing but the parameters for positive approach.  Responsiveness should be developed in the official / business dealings confidently. Positive approach always make one to feel happy with other colleagues and it responds to utmost initiative-ness to take up the challenges in career, and creates interest to complete the task/ reach the target in a given point of time, and determine the accomplishments that are sorted out. It makes employees confidence among other employees, and develops co-operation and co-ordination in the firm.   Employees in any organization will fascinate individuality of their boss if he shows positive approach in his dealings. Positive approach is a mind making activity to be developed in mingling with others problems and challenges and it is essential to enlarge this skill of positivenes all the while.

Innovative ideas, plans, concepts should be searched always. Any type of work assigned to you must be attended to with team spirit and congregating it to your innovative ideas to get it done with adequate satisfaction and to derive positive results. Innovative ideas will help you to attend your duties effectively and correctly.  Creativity should be developed in all aspects of your work which gives you a lot of satisfaction. By means of innovative ideas and creativity, one can achieve specialized skills for the improvement of his career in future. All this is possible when every employee recollects his power and strength within him, and strives for innovative ideas and creativity in his work arena so that a definite thrive will be possible for improvement of his skills.

Problem Solving Skills of Employees

The skill of problem solving is also one of important component of interpersonal skills. In our day to day work, we have to face many challenges, problems, difficulties which are to be tackled very cleverly and conveniently.  Problem solving is a technical skill for any body to tackle it.  You can attain this technique with the help of your colleagues, friends, and official companions with due interaction and discussion of the issues in details to resolve. Keen observation of your official transactions, dealings, accomplishments, you can develop your knowledge and skill for resolving the problems. It is a great opportunity for you to interact with your co-employees in all aspects with positive mind and constructive attitude, which will deliver a sense of responsibility on the disposal of all the problems with positive outlook and skillful observation on the problematic issues. It is one’s own responsibility to improve this skill in his career. By virtue of our experience in the Institution, the various methods of problem solving will be known, and the tactics and solutions to the problems may improve further for possible resolutions. Tackling the problems within the organizations or institution will further make us expertise to resolve the things at the appropriate level.

Every employee may discharge his duties properly in sound environment and un-critical conditions. But it is very difficult for any one to discharge his legitimate duties when the Institution/organization/firm is in a critical condition. The capability of the employee will be revealed only when he discharged his job duties satisfactory during the period under which the Management is in critical condition. Intellectual power, mental stamina, and micro level examination of the issues, are more important when you face such kind of situation. These qualities we have to develop a lot to tackle the un-warranted situations, and critical environmental positions in the interest of our organization/firm. To tackle such kind of critical conditions, managerial skills and spontaneous attitude should be developed for the welfare of the organization as well as its employees. That kind of skill is very much necessary for every body to withstand further. It is important for his/her prospects.

This, we can attain by virtue of our experience, practice, and continuity of our standards of work, and collectivity and congregation of managerial ideas, concepts and techniques. . Self confidence is the primary objective to attain this skill.  Updating of your knowledge day by day and continuous efforts to extract and do the work, thrust towards working knowledge and power, will certainly enrich your skills in this direction in an undoubted manner. Workability and capability are the strengths to withstand during the course of critical environment in the organizations, and to face the challenges with dare and dashing. Managerial techniques and skills develop during our repeated tasks of duties in our daily life and make us feel happy to face such challenges.

Inviting situational changes is also one of the soft skills. The readinesses to face the changes, the capacity to tackle the challenges on account of transformable changes in the line of activity, are the need of the hour. It is our Endeavour to act according to the tunes of the attitudinal changes of the personnel, simultaneous developments in the work arena, in the interest of the organization as well as the welfare of the employees. It may not be considered to be as a negative approach, but to treat it as a component for better understanding of the situational changes from time to time.

Project Report Time Management

Time management is also very key role to be played by every official. Attending to office regularly to discharge the various duties from time to time utilizing the valuable time in every aspect is appreciable act. Identification of the tasks to be attended to on priority basis and complete it within the time frame.  Commitment towards the work and enthusiasm and anxiety to complete the work in a given point of time is really a wonderful task which gives utmost satisfaction. Each and every minute has to be utilized for the successful completion of the task. Time Management is very crucial for meeting the targets fixed and accomplishments thereon. The skillful attitude of the employees to manage the time factors generates quantum of work within the frame work of the organizational activities.

Adaptability is an important quality of every individual in his official duties. Capability to deal with various tasks with zeal and industry and suitability to tackle the problematic issues with positive approach to resolve them in good spirit. Adaptability makes other team members and colleagues to work with keen interest and co-ordination. Interaction with other employees is possible through positive adaptability. It creates a sense of respectability among others to work with joint co-ordination and understanding. Co-employees feel happy to work with you with committed mentality without any stress and free to have individual access with you for desired goals.

Progressiveness creates interest for the advancement of the thoughts and ideas to go further in order to establish sustainable prosperity.  Innovative ideas will be borne during the process of progressiveness of an individual. It is possible for any individual to develop progressive ideas and thoughts during his career by means of his initiation and commitment. Prospective employees expect much expertise from out of the progress achieved and generated in the organizational business deals.

Competitive Measures

Competitive measures are very important in any organization for its timely growth on healthy lines.   Showing competitive techniques in the official transactions and business deals will help individuals to improve competitive skills. Effective involvement in the tasks with positive approach, identification of right thoughts and ideas, analyzing the strengths, generating the opportunities, deliberate accomplishments, takes the individuals to the top level in their competitive fields. Developing competitive skills is most important for any professional employee in his career for furtherance of his interests in his future. Talented persons always strive hard for the imbuement by originating competitive spirit in their minds and become larger, stronger or more impressive, successful, advanced and progressive.  

An ability to get on with people in an irrefutable manner for the improvement of the organizational tasks is one of the factors for the professional development.  Reliability, ability to take initiative, ability to act and made decisions without the help or advice of other people, delivers plenty of work experience and skill of interaction. Initiation, enthusiasm, interest, passion, immensity in acceptance of hard work and contribution towards developmental activities, perfection in the transactions, delivers satisfactory results in every walk of business life.

Confidence in dealing official business with utmost respect and sincerity move further to the advancement of the skills in all respects that are necessary for the sustainable development of the career objective. Taking confidence into hands when attending to any type of work or job, produces good results.  Any work cannot be fruitful if it taken up without confidence or disinterest. Developing confidence is nothing but the attending to our job honestly and sincerely.  It creates a sense of satisfaction and a nice feeling of pleasure that comes when a need or desire is fulfilled.

Optimism is nothing but a tendency to believe, expect or hope that things will turn out well. Optimistic attitude gives pleasure of joy and expect that our work and attitude runs well in the field of our business and takes us to the level of highest caliber with proven intelligence and character. Optimistic approach makes us feel happy to discharge our duties with utmost fervor and passionate enthusiasm, commitment and dedication. Our colleagues and co-employees appreciates our tendency on the lines of optimistic behaviour and extend cooperation and coordination in getting our tasks fulfilled in an objective manner in the best interest of our organization in which we are working. It is a great achievement that encourages organizational development in the eye of public.

Exemplary Attitude of Employees

Exemplary attitude is another characteristic factor that every employee must maintain in his personal as well as official life. He should be a role model to other employees. His behaviour, attitude, aptitude, culture, concepts must be appreciated by others. Attitudinal skills must be practiced and followed for the development of the career. Personal attitudes will be developed by means of our interaction with higher officials and professional expects through introspection. There is an imperative need  for every individual to practice and follow the personal attitudes in his career. It paves the way for the active development of personality and character.

Pleasing manners is another important skill for any professional. Smiling face always appreciated by others for free movement and approach. A bit  of smile in our face always gather.

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