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The fourth kind of pollution is the Land pollution. As time changes the population has increase. It has resulted in the over exploitation of the resources. Land is one of the reasons, which is indiscriminately being erased due to the increased population. A man who earlier didn’t know how to grow, use to room place to place in search of food has now became the super power. The land which used to serve him as a mother is now being polluted by man him self. The various causes for the land pollution are: -

New agricultural techniques: -
There was a high demand to increase the production. But it was impossible to Stretch the land. The pressure on the land- went on increasing day by day. There gave rise to the use of chemical fertility. This chemical fertilizer more or less increases the production but in turn it gave rise to the land pollution can be easily understood by an example. They’re chemical fertilizer alter the chemistry of soil depending the upon its nature. E.g.:-
The use of sodium nitrate fertilizer in the same soil again increases alkalitrity of the soil & makes it alkaline. It contains sodium ions & nitrate ions. Nitrate part sodium ions goes on collecting in the soil of form sodium hydroxide, NaOH (sodium hydroxide) is an alkali & makes the soil alkaline.
Use of particles & polymer:-
The use of plastic & polymer has increased soil pollution. We use polybags & plastics day by day life. Infact these products has become a part of our life. But do we know that these products are polluting our land. These products are known as biodegradable & can’t be reduced to simpler once. So their excessive use in the life will produce land pollution because these products do not become the part of our soil but remains in it forever & pollute the land.
Industrial wastes:-
Industrial waste contains chemicals & these chemicals contribute a lot in the land pollution. Infact it is a major factor promoting land pollution.




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