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Project Report on Environment Pollution


Environment Pollution : Manís impact on the environment has resulted in pollution of environment. Pollution affect not only air, water & land but also the organisms in biosphere. The natural ecosystem has the capacity to decompose dead organisms. When harmful substance contaminate the environment in large quantities, the ecosystem is unable to absorb them & they accumulate in the system resulting in degradation of environment. Pollution can also cause death. Pollution has become pollution very acute problem for all of us.

Project Report Effects of Environment Pollution on Earth

In metropolitan cities, we find pollution in every hook & corner. It result in adverse effect on the human being. Delhi comes on the second rank as far as pollution is concerned. We should take steps to check it. In the diagram one can see pollution driver is using the horn at the top most pitch. The vechial is emitted smoke which is disturbing ailment on the other side one can see trees. They have grown to absorb dust, smoke & other poisonous gases in the atmosphere. The trees help us in saving our precious lives. We must check the pollution by using horns at low pitch & smoke free petrol. It is the need of us to plant more & more trees for absorbing the harmful gases. This will help in controlling the pollution.




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