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Project Report on Importance of Trees

Project Report/Essay on Importance of Trees : Trees are an important part of the Biosphere that exists on earth. They play an essential part in the life of man. Children play under them, and tired travelers refresh themselves in their cool shade. They give us fruit to eat and firewood to burn. We use trees to build houses and furniture's with. If the paper on which your book is printed could tell its own story, it would perhaps tell you that once. it was a tree on some hill slope in a forest. The furniture in your classroom is perhaps made out of trees that once grew in the forest of Assam or Kerala. Trees thus supply us with many of the conveniences of life.

How Trees Support Life

Trees do much more than supply us with the conveniences we have mentioned. They help to support man's life by supplying the atmosphere with oxygen which is essential to life. The oxygen in the air is constantly being used up and turned into carbon dioxide when animals breathe and things burn, carbon dioxide is the food that plants “eat”. The green leaves of trees (in fact of all green plants) absorb this carbon dioxide and with the help of sunlight break it down into carbon and oxygen. The carbon is used 70 make starch, and the oxygen is released in to the air, so replacing the oxygen used up by animals. But for this, animals would soon die for lack of oxygen.

Starch and other carbon compounds made in the green leaves of trees (and of other green plants too) serve as food for animals. The tiny green cells of plants are wonderful laboratories, which produce all the starch in the world. But for this service done by plants all animals would. But for this service done by plants all animal would sooner or larger die for lack of food; they must get all their food either directly from plants or indirectly by eating animals that have fed on plants.

Influence of trees on climate

On a hot day it is often cooler under a tree than inside a building. This is because the leaves of trees breathe out a lot of water vapour, and this helps to cool the air, more or less as a mudpat cools the water in it, in this way forests help to cool the atmosphere and the rain crowds passing through it, so causing rain. Where new forests have been planted, rainfall it known to have increased.

Influence of trees on soil

Trees help to protect the surface soil of the earth and to prevent floods. Our earth has a covering of fine soil at the surface and under the soil lie rocks of various kinds. Nature takes millions of years to form soil 2.5 cms thick. But some times a single heavy shower washes off that much of the valuable surface soil on an open hill slope. This does not happen in forests and other places where there are plenty of trees. The trees stop the tree flow of water and their roots hold the soil together, and so the soil is protected from being washed off. Moreover, forest soil has a way if quickly absorbing water, this helps to prevent sudden floods.

Other values trees

There are many kinds of trees very useful to man. There is the rubber tree growing in Kerala, Assam and Malaya from whose sap we get the rubber which we use for numerous purposes. There are trees such as the eucalyptus and cinchona. Which supply us with medicines. There is the coconut tree, every part of which is useful. In South America there is an interesting tree called the “Cow-Tree” whose sap's used in place of milk.

Why should we plant mean trees

In many parts of India there are not enough trees to supply firewood, and so people are forced to burn cow-dung, which ought to be saved for agricultural purposes. The government wants large numbers of trees to be planted all over the country in order to make good the loss. So, some years ago, the government started an annual festival called. Vanamahatsava or the forest festival. This is an important festival in which we should all take part. Threes are our country's wealth; we must consider it our sacred duty to protect them and to look after them well.

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