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Project Report on Conversion of Solar Energy into Electrical Energy

In Vedic age peoples expected the sun as chief god. Now the whole world is praising the sun for its huge source of energy. In fact all the available energy on the earth is due to the sun. All the known sources of energy are being rapidly consumed, therefore as a source of energy is needed.

About 100 year ago it was known that with the help of a foil of Selenium Solar Energy can be converted into Electrical Energy. But only 0.6% Solar Energy can be converted into Electrical Energy. In 1954 a practical Solar cell was manufactured that can be converted 1% Solar Energy into Electrical Energy. The efficiency of Selenium Solar cell is up to 25%.

Allow the sun light to fall on the cell, the voltmeter shows deflection. Now increase the sunlight with the help of concave mirror. The deflection in voltmeter also increase. This shows that efficiency is also more, the production of electricity is also more. Shield the cell so that sun light does not fall on it. There will be no deflection. Hence with the help of sunlight we can convert solar energy into electrical energy.

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