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Project Report on Capacitor

Capacitor Project Introduction

It is a well known that different bodies hold different charge when given the same potential difference. This charge holding property of the body is known as capacitance and holding for sufficient charge, we have a device known as "Capacitor".
The capacitor has a property to store energy as potential energy in the electric field of capacitor. It can be connected in a circuit so that storage energy can be made to flow in a desired circuit to perform a useful function.
Capacitor play a very important role in many A.C.and D.C. circuits. In many of the electrical appliances as radio, televisions, motors etc., Capacitors are intentionally inserted to introduce the desired capacitance.


A capacitor is based on the fact that an arranging the two metallic conductors, so that when conductor is connected to the earth, the other conductor has the ability to store a large amount of charge on it.

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