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Automatic Electric Train Barrier Physics Project

Automatic Electric Train Barrier


1. Two Iron Poles

2. Two Switches

3. D.C.Motor

4. Electric Train

5. Transformer

6. A Board

Automatic Electric Train Barrier - Introduction

Automatic Electric Train Barrier - Introduction

In our daily life we hears time to time that there are many accident occurs at the railway crossings. These accidents occurs due to the absence of barrier. There are many crossings mostly in villages where the barrier are not available. It just because our government can not afford the expense of the two men at one barrier. So we are introducing a new Automatic Electric Barrier. It is not expensive. It saves us from the accidents. It is more convenient and less expensive. It works on the electric circuit.

Automatic Electric Train Barrier - Construction

It consists of two iron poles which are used as a barrier. It also consists of an electrical D.C. Motor and a pulley. The pulley and D.C. Motor are joined with a belt and two switches are joined to this motor with the help of wire and these switches are placed under the railway track. Motor is also joined with the transformer which produce six volt potential differences.

Working of Train Barrier

A supply of six volt is produced by transformer to motor by two switches and this motor is connected to a pulley with the help of belt and this pulley have two more wheels and these wheels are connected to the barriers with the help of string. But we use iron wire inspite of the string in case of more powered motor when the train is passes over these switches, then they are pressed and motor start to revolving clockwise and this motor is connected to the pulley and when pulley revolves then the wheels loses the string. When string is loosed then barrier fall down. When train reaches at few distance then two more switches are placed and when train passes over them, then the motor revolves anticlock wise and stretch the string and rounded it and the barriers which are join with the pulley moves up. In this way the barrier moves up. In order to revolve the motor in anticlockwise in the second switch the circuit is kept reversed to first.

Advantages of Train Barrier

1. It saves us from the accidents occurs at the railway crossings.

2. It is more convenient and less expensive.

3. It gives us the easy work by small expense of energy.

4. It saves men work and muscular energy.

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