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Project Report / Essay "TERRORISM"

TERRORISM (Introduction)

Terrorism refers to extortion, Kidnapping and pilling to attract wider attention to a particular cause and thus to force a targeted authority to conceded demands of the perpetrators of terror. Terror tactics are generally adopted by isolated groups or ethnic minorities who are despaired of getting a sympathetic authence for their real or perceived grievances. They generally get moral or financial support from the group or community on whose behalf they take up arms to challenge the authorities. Most Terrorist movements derive their motive force from sections of population who nurse strong feeling of being wronged, deprived or deride of their just rights by the people wielding political power. Terrorists remain menís to the governments as long as they enjoy a measure of overt or covert support from some sections of the people. They begin to lose grounds as their activities start dislocating the lives of the people in whose name they claim to eight gradually, their erstwhile supporters turn against them for indiscriminate use of terror.

When a group or community feels that the preservation of its identity or way of life is threatened by a stronger group, community or state and no normal or usual methods of redressing its grievance will be effective, it takes resort to violence or Terrorism to achieve its cherished objectives.

Although conditions for rise of Terrorism exist in many parts of the country, it finds favourable environment to grow in states located near the international border. For one thin, Terrorists can hit the targets and then escape into a forgiven country without an, apprehension of being chased or arrested in that country. Secondly, they get arms, training, strategic and financial support from the bordering country which will always like to see it neighbour in trouble. Thus, most Terrorist groups in Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir receive and over support from the bordering Pakistan while the insurgents of north-east have their sanctuaries and training camps across the borders in Bangladesh and Myanmar. The L.T.T.E. (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam) could emerge as a menacing group in Sri Lanka with the support of people of Tamil origin not only in the boring India but also from Tamils living in other countries of the world including Great Britain. But Sri Lankan's Commando destroy the LTTE Main yet.

TypeS of Terrorism

Type of Terrorism :

Terrorism is one of the greatest problems and it is a burning question why Terrorism is spreading just like five in a Jungle some people who don't have any fear of death and fear of being destroyed by anyone.

1.     Religious base

2.     To outshine

3.     To destroy resources of various countries

Religion has been one of must common reason of many type of fights, terror, horror for e.g. At the time, why English rule over India they accepted the police i.e. Divide and conquer. They divide the people by using religious base i.e. Hindu and Muslim religion. They fire the hearts of those people and pros surge them be dead for their own religion till now. This problem is not souck of the people did not accept that every religion is equal and there may inference between then to of their cutter but they worship same lord. Young people are generally the victim of this Terrorism. At the cost of their own life, they attack on difference type of temples ad Gurdwaras.

Just fire Akshardham, as this Swaminarain temple is called is and Architectural manel make of pink sandstone. It is the seat of the Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purshttam Sanstha the largest of the multiple sects who fallow the 19th century guru Swaminarain. It's sprawling campus is a tourist spot with thousands of people from ale faiths visiting it every day. It is in a VIP area near the CM's house. Part of the message of the attach. We can hit you wherever we want.


DSP battled on despite being hit DSP R.R. BRAHMBHATT battled the Terrorists alone till reinforcements arrived. When he tried to crawl across to rescue some people, Brahmbhatt was hit in the arm. But he went to a hospital had the bullet removed and was "back in 30 minutes".

Terrorism new strategy

The deadly attack on the Swaminarain temple shows that Terrorists have shifted focus to soft targets. Their attempt to trigger communal tensions was thwarted this time but the tactic has emerged as the newest threat.

Condensations at Ganpati are both Rare and difficult to forget. Hari Dharia, caretaker of hall No. 1 in Gandhinagar's temple sprawling 23 acre Akshardham temple complex, has no difficulty recalling his brief exchange with the man who almost Build him at 5.15 P.M. on Tuesday. September 24 the interrogation ended when Dharia pointed to a stepladder that let to the roof of a passageway at the Swaminarain gas cherished monument the Terrorist and his partner sprinted up the rungs in their dark blue sheering to the vantage point of the Terrorism in the garden outside, the first of the endeavor it certainly did change the polity Mandal the man was chief minister of Bihar for the glorious period between February 1 and March 22, 1968 Mandal the idea became a byword for reservations, caste politics, social engineering and, by the late 1990, an excuse for bad government.

To anybody who came of age in the past decade. Mandal is say anonymous with quota. They would however be both a misereading of history and getting a full 100 years ago. In July 1902, Shaha Maharaja decrement of Shivaji and at the time ruler of prolhapar fast hared the quota system. Gujrat state commandoís was already taking position. The bottle had begun.

The precious 30 minutes had been pure may him. At 4.45 Pm, Two young man - one about 20, The other maybe- had been dropped off in a white Ambassador near gate No. 3 of Akshardham. They had swung their bags over the 7-ft-high walls of the temple three main halls and began spraying bullets indiscriminately, ruthlessly like unruly children using by Guns to scare the world.

These however, were not innocent youth gone berserk it was the most sadist barbarism. A priest remembers a mother begging for the lives of their children-later identified as Priya and Bhailu Chauhan, aged three and four, the woman, Sumitra girl when she was felled by a bullet in the lg. The Biller needed to hen Bleas, then turned his gun towards the children and, to the horror of the mother, mowed then down.

Terrorism Outshine

To outshine other countries terrorism is considered on the strategy of Pakistan which always tries to outshine others, most of time the victim became India. India and Pakistan are the old enemies, mainly after English people adopted the policy of Dorado conquer Pakistan always wants to others countries like it attacked on America's one wonder of the world i.e.

The new attack of 26/11 i.e. 26-11-2008 in Mumbai is the latest terror attack. And Sri Lankan Team in Pakistan attack by terrorist is the open challenge by the terririst to all world. World trade centre was one of the wonder of the seven wonders of the world 11th September was the dangerous day for America. 19 students hijacked four U.S.A. planes. At 9:00 A.M. First plane attacked the first tower of world trade centre. 9:15 AM second plane attacked the second tower of word trade centre. Some minutes later third plane attacked pentagon. One pentagon side was damaged. Some minutes later fourth plane damage in alone. An emergency was announced and suddenly white house was also became empties. It was a big Terri sit situation. These was only smoke and snoke at the place of world trade centre. People was falling from windows like hurted pigeons. It was a catastrophic scene. According type terms many people are also ruined their life. 50000 people injured in this attack the attacker was Osama Bin Ladin.


Beefing up intelligence, cracking down on Jehadis and even possible covert retaliation are avenues short of war.

After two De CADES of organized violence in Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir India has learned to live with terror. But last week, the country was rudely greated by a new face of terror as Jehadis moved down innocents, inceding woman and infants, as the Swaminarain temple in Gandhinagar. Coming just seven months after the Godhra massacre, the latest killings make it amply clear that Jehadis have decided to open fronts against soft targets in states other then Kashmir. So what can India do ?

The key lies in finding out about such plots before they are executed taking ruthless steps to crack down on Terrorists and disrupting their organizations with in the country. That calls for extraordinary intelligence capability. "Terrorism is a global phenomenon and India : & doing all it can to protect the soft targets says A.S. Dulat former Raw chief and adviser to the PMO on Kashmir. "But its not easy to get specific intelligence to prevent Terrorist attacks. Otherwise 9/11 would not have happened.

(To destroyed other's resources)

The main reason and main and important factor of Terrorism is that every country events to destroy others resources and wants to inerrage their space as it can be elastic just like is main Terrorists Laden always attack on Kashmir with it's own reasons.

Solution of Terrorism


India has to aggressively the dual curse of the cast system and reservations for political expediency if merit is to score over mediocrity.

Dewan Mohan Lal, R.R. Bhole Dinabandhu Saha and K.Subramanium reside in a dark, potholed by lane of history. These gentleman have been denied their share of fame infamy, if you prefer- by the person who led them on whatís was, with the benefit of hindsight, a momentous mission. The foursome served under Bindeswan parsut mandal in a second Backward classes commission 1978-80.

Their report was meant to change Indian society, while it may not have succeeded in that exalted.


Worsening economic conditions and growing unemployment in border states enable the Terrorists to get a ready crop of fresh recruits. Educated and unemployed youth often swell the ranks of the Terrorists. They join them not always out of conviction.

There are no short-cuts in the difficult task of growing disaffection against the establishment with an open mind. The genuine problems should be taken up immediately and earnestly for finding their, short term and long term solution. When the right thinking and patriotic citizens are enlisted on the side of the Government, the obstinate, antinational Terrorist can be defeated in their designs.


Washington : Fears of fundamentalist upheaval in Pakistan have aroused concerns in Washington that part or all of Islamabad's arsenal of nuclear weapons may have to be moved to China for safe keeping from foreign attack.

The prospects that loose war heads might be loaded into helicopters or moved around a region joining with fundamentalist turmoil is adding to fears in Washington that the war in Afghanistan might provoke a nuclear crisis.

In a bid to defuse concern, as officials are understood to have offered Pakistan high-tech assistance to improve the security of missile vaults and the multiple-code custody arrangements that theoretically prevent rogue missile launches.

The issue was discussed by US secretary of state Colin Powell during his recent visit to Pakistan. A state department official said last week Washington was "confident that Pakistan is taking step to assure the safety of these (nuclear) assets". But other American sources said Pakistan was reluctant to accept US technology for fear that it might be bugged by the CIA in order to establish the where about of warheads.

The threat to weapons widely regarded as the Pakistan militaryís "crown jewels" has forced Islamabad to consider what one American expert described as the "ultimate worst-cast scenario" of removing warheads to China, Pakistanís do sets strategically.

China's nuclear relations with Pakistan have long been the focus of controversy. Chinese scientists are believed to have played a key role in developing Pakistan's nuclear programme in the early 1980s. The two countries share a mistrust of India, which has also developed nuclear weapons.

In the 1990s, relations between Beijing and Washington were strained when American officials discovered that China had supplied Pakistan with magnetic components used in enriching uranium, a material used in warheads. US experts believe that Pakistan possess between 30 and 50 warheads. Islamabad has also developed facilities for making weapons- grade plutonium.

The precise locations of Pakistan's nuclear weapons are highly secret. Several US suns said lost week that senior Pakistani officers had been forced to consider a range of scenario, from thefts of weapon materials to US bombing raids on nuclear facilities the arrest in Pakistan of three nuclear scientists will algid Taliban sympathies heightened concern that bomb making secrets may have leaked to Afghanistan.

Pakistan's military establishment was said last week to have been shaken by reports that America, India or Israel might be planning pre-emptive strikes on nuclear sites to prevent weapons falling into fundamental hands "The generals are panic-stricken", said one Pakistan source.

  Abdul Sattar, the Pakistan foreign minister, insisted last week the arsenal was secure. But US officials have expressed maintaining alarm that any coup attempt against president Musharraf might put Pakistan's nuclear arsenal at risk.






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