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Science Projects IX, X, XI, XII Class Project Report on Chemistry / Project Report on Physics / Project Report on Biology and Essays/Articles on different topics

Chemistry Project Reports Biology Project Reports Physics Project Reports
Project Report AIDS

Project Report Asian Games

Project Components of Food

Project Report Dowry System

Project on Green House Effect

Project on Importance of Trees

Project Report India's Monsoon

Project Report/Essay - Malnutrition

Manures and Chemical Fertilizers

Meaning and Sources of Transport

Project Report/Essay on Pollution

Water Pollution, Land Pollution

Air Pollution Noise Pollution

Monsoon in India Project

Population Explosion and Control

Project Report Sources of Energy

Essay - Human Diseases

Project Report - Malaria

Project - Indian Culture

Project Report/Essay Fashion

Project Report on Acid and Bases of Tensile Strength of Fibres

Project Report on Adsorption

Project Report Food Adulteration

Project Report Dyeing of Fabrics

Project Report Radio Activity

Project Report Surface Energy

Project Report Organic Chemistry

Project Report Nuclear Chemistry

Project Report Rusting of Iron

To Study of Constituents of An Alloy

Boiling Point & Freezing Point

Project - Primary/Secondary Cells

Project Report Corrosion

Project - Electrochemical Cell

Project Report on Rate of Evaporation of Different Liquids

Project Report - Drugs Addiction

Project Report Festivals of India


Automatic Electric Train Barrier

Project - Battery Eliminator

Project - FM Radio Receiver

Low Cost Emergency Light

Project Report on Rectifier

Project Report on Capacitor

Project - Conversion of Solar Energy into Electrical Energy

Astronomical Telescope

Project - Thermo Electric Effect or Seebeck Effect

Project Report - Cyclotron

Project on Logic Gates, OR, AND, NOT Gate

Project Report on Laser

Project on AC Generator

Project - Semiconductor

Project - Cancer and Types

Useful Plants & Animals

Terrorism and Its Types


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