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Project Report Factors Effecting Purchasing Behaviour Of Consumer's Towards Biscuits


The results of the survey are very interesting. The findings of this survey on different age group consisting both male & female. Following results are drawn here;

1. As the age of the increase the buying of the biscuits by parentís shifts by young age group according to their taste.

2. The people are very much affected by the advertisements, so they watch ads of biscuits very carefully.

3. Persons who are either a habitual or occasional user, the price rise effects the buying of biscuits.


Some aspects of further study, as revealed by the present results, are as follows:-

1. Study the post purchase behavior of the buyers for biscuits

2. Study of branded biscuits as compare to non branded biscuits.

3. Retailers study to assess their relation towards the consumer queries and suggestions offered.



1) Name: - _______________________________________________________

2) Age Group:-Below-10_________ 10-20 _________ 20-Above ___________

3) Sex: - Male ___________________ Female ______________________

4) Occupation: - Service_________________ Student ______________________

Business______________________ House Wife __________________________

Other ________________________

5) You Choose The Biscuits On The Basis Of

A) Advertisement _________________________________________

B) Suggested By The Friends _______________________________

C) Convinced By Shopkeeper ______________________________

D) Price Consideration ___________________________________

E) Taste _________________________________________________

F) Others ________________________________________________

6) Which Kind Of Biscuits Do You Prefer More:-

A) Glucose _____________________________________________

B) Creame ______________________________________________

C) Cookies______________________________________________

7) Which Flavor Of Biscuits:-

A) Chocolate _____________________________________________

B) Vanilla ________________________________________________

C) Orange _______________________________________________

D) Glucose _______________________________________________

E) Other _________________________________________________

8) Do You Want Biscuits For The Sake Of:-

A) Energy ________________________________________________

B) Hungry ________________________________________________

C) Pleasure _______________________________________________

D) Status _________________________________________________

E) Taste __________________________________________________

F) Other __________________________________________________

9) Does The Packing Of The Biscuits Influence Your Decision To Buy:-

a) Highly___________________________________________________

b) Moderately_______________________________________________

c) Indifferent ________________________________________________

d) Not At All ________________________________________________

10) Do You Ever Think Of After Effects Of Eating Biscuits Such as :-

a) Teeth Decays ______________________________________________

b) Diabetes __________________________________________________

c) Fat ______________________________________________________

d) Other Disease ______________________________________________

11) Does Price Of The Biscuits Affect Your Purchase Decision:-

A) Not At All ________________________________________________

B) Insignificant _______________________________________________

C) Important ________________________________________________

D) Indifferent ________________________________________________

E) Very Important ____________________________________________

12) Who Buys Biscuits For You:-

(Always/ Occasionally)

a) Self _____________________________________________________

b) Children _________________________________________________

c) Parents __________________________________________________

d) Friends __________________________________________________



1. Gupta, S.P, (2000) Statistical Method sultan, chand & sons publication, New Delhi.

2. Kotler, Philip, (2001) Marketing Management, prentice-hall of India, New Delhi.

3. Kothari, C.R, (1999) Research Methodology, prentice-hall of India, New Delhi.

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