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Project Report Factors Effecting Purchasing Behaviour Of Consumer's Towards Biscuits

Introduction towards Consumerism :

'Consumerism' is the part of our daily life. Everyday, we buy and consume variety of goods and services that vary with our tastes and preferences. Moreover, each consumes is unique, and this uniqueness is reflected in their consumption behavior and pattern, and also purchases decisions. Studying the consumer behavior is thus, helpful in understanding the purchase decisions and performances of different consumers for a particular commodity or service.

Conceptually, consumer behavior is "the study of individuals, groups or organization and the processes they use the dispose, for products, services, experiences or ideas to satisfy the needs and impact that these processes have on consumer and society"

'Biscuits' are commonly consumed by our society. It is not an essential part of diet but its use is continuously going on for small or little hunger or for taste or for status people use to eat biscuits.

Previously when biscuit were not so popular for diet purpose, it was used as a diet for patients for kids for energy and taste, respectively. it is a good alternate of oily snacks or for fast food although it is not an substitute for daily meals. Now days, if we talk about our country, biscuits are consumed by a large part of our population. we have a trend to serving biscuits to our guest. It is only a status symbol but we can say that there is a trend of eating biscuits in our country. This is a type of food easily available anywhere as well as in reasonable prices. Biscuits are generally used for taste and small hunger but the people should consume biscuits in optimum quality because its excessive use can harm body like any other sweet and it should use as a snacks or a energy provide in case of sick persons.

Classification of Biscuits:

Biscuits may be classified broadly in the three categories:-

1. Glucose

2. Cream

3. Cookies

Glucose Biscuits : - It is a kind of biscuit which contains high percentage of glucose instead of anything else. As it contains glucose, it provides you instant energy and also gives you good taste. Generally it is consumed by kids but may be choice of anybody.

Cream Biscuits :- It is also a kind of biscuits which has floor backed floor as a base and between two plane biscuits there is a cream content of various flavors ex:- vanilla, strawberry etc. People use to eat these kinds of biscuits for the sake of taste not for the sake of energy.

Cookies : - It is a kind of sweet biscuit which comes in many tastes, it is backed biscuits it is not containing creamy flavor, but it contains flavor like coconut chocolate etc in itself.

This study had to be performed in order -

1. By keeping in view the importance of consumer behavior, the present study dealt with the factors influencing the consumers purchase decisions for biscuits.

2. To demarcate between the individual or group preference, e.g. familyís influence on buying behavior.

3. To find that the people know the effects of over eating of biscuits and other side effects

4. To find out why the person eat the biscuits for taste, hunger, pleasure, status, or for some other reason.

Objectives of the Project Report

Objectives :-

The main objective of the survey is to know about the liking for the biscuits by different people like kids, adults & parents which include students, housewives, businessmen etc.

Since the price war between various companies manufacturing biscuits has under gone a classic change, hence the varies queries in this survey fulfill the under mentioned.

Objectives are:

To know the Price Consideration of different biscuits present in the market.
To know about Advertisement Effects on consumers towards Vijay Biscuits.
To find out the Packing Effect on consumers mind.
To know about the after effect of Biscuits consumption.


Project Report Factors Effecting Purchasing Behaviour Of Consumer's Towards Biscuits

There are many factors, which influence the liking of the Consumers. Some of the factors are:

1. Cultural Factors on Consumers: Culture is the most important determinants of the individual's needs, wants and liking, hence it frame the set of values, perception, preferences in the individuals which guides the consumer liking.

2. Psychological factors on Consumers: Different psychological factors may be:

Motivation: An individual has many needs at a given time. The needs may be activated due to physiological or psychological States. The biogenic needs such as hunger thirst and discomfort arise due to physiological states. Recognition, esteem, belonging and self-actualization needs arise due to psychological reasons.

A need becomes a motive when it is aroused to a sufficient level of intensity. A motive is a need that is sufficiently driving the person to satisfy that need by indulging in the activities that reduces the tension.

Perception: A motivated person is ready to act, how actually he acts is influenced by his perception of the situation. Perception is defined as the process by which an individual selects, organizes and interprets information inputs to create upon physical stimuli and also on stimuli's relation to surrounding.

Learning: Learning describes the change in the liking of individuals as a result of experience. Most human liking is learned. Personís learning is produced through the interplay of drives, stimuli, clues and reinforcement.

Demographic factor: A buyer's decisions are influenced by these personal characteristics.

Age group: People buy different goods and services over their life time consumption is also shaped by the stage of family life cycle.

Occupation: A person's occupation also influences his/her consumption pattern. An executive will buy the specialty/statue symbol products such as luxury suiting.

Economics Condition: Products choice is greatly influenced by one's economic conditions. Peopleís economic condition consists of spend able income, saving, borrowing power, attitude towards spending vs. savings.

Personality and self-concepts: Each person has a distinct personality that wills influence his/her liking behavior. By personality we mean the person's distinguishing psychological characteristic that lead to relatively consistent and enduring responses to his/her environment.

Social factor: Consumer liking is influenced by the social factors are as following:

Reference Group: A personís reference group consists of all those groups that have direct or indirect influence on person's attitudes and liking. The consumer strives to purchase those products that purchase by their reference group.

Family: The family is the most important consuming unit, which influence the family members liking. Marketers are interested in the roles and relative influence of the children, wife and husband in the purchase of large variety of products and services.

Roles and statuses: A person participates in the different groups thought life-family, clubs and organization. The person's position in each group can be defined I terms of roles and statues.

Project Report on Consumer Behaviour towards Biscuits, Effective Purchase Decision of the People, Project Report on Consumer Advertising

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