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Number of male and female respondent:-

In numbers

Male 37
Female 23


The total number of male and female respondent in the project is 60. Where the male respondent are 37 & female respondent are 23.


You choose the biscuits on the basis of:-

In numbers

Advertisement 12
Suggested by friends 15
Convinced by shopkeeper 18
Price consideration 6
Taste 6


The factors effective the purchase decision of the people are advertisement 12, suggested by friends 15, convinced by shopkeeper 18, price consideration 6, taste 6, other 3.


Which kind of biscuits do you prefer more:- 

In numbers

Glucose 18
Cream 30
Cookies 12


The most of the people in the society like the cream biscuits than the glucose the cookies.


Which flavor of biscuits you prefer:-

In numbers

Chocolate 9
Vanilla 7
Orange 9
Elachi 12
Glucose 18
Other 5


 The flavors which are liked by the persons are chocolate 9, vanilla 7, orange 9, elachi 12, glucose 18, other 5.


You want biscuits for the sake of:-

In numbers

Energy 12
Hungry 18
Pleasure 9
Status 12
Taste 7
Others 2


The persons eat the biscuits when they are hungry 18, for energy 12, For pleasure 9, for status 12, when some guests are in the house they serve them biscuits for taste 7, others are 2.


Does the packaging of the biscuits influence your decision to buy:-

In numbers

Highly 18
Moderately 9
Indifferent 12
Insignificant 12
Not at all 9


The table showing that the packing of the biscuits influencing the buying decision is as follows highly 18, moderately 9, indifferent 9, insignificant 9, and at all is 9 in total of 60 respondents.


Do you ever think of after effects of eating biscuits as:-

In numbers

Teeth Decays 33
Diabetes 12
Fat 12
Other Disease 3


What the people thinks the after effects of eating biscuits are as follows. Most of the people think that it leads to teeth decays33, diabetes 12, fat 12, other disease 3.


Does price of the biscuits affect you purchase decision:-

In numbers

Important 24
Indifferent 9
Very Important 17
Insignificant 4
Not at all 6


The table shows that how much the customers are price sensitive. The price is the factor, which affects the most all most 41, than indifferent 9, insignificant 4, and the price not make any effect at all is only the 6.


Who buys biscuits for you:-

In numbers

Self 21
Children 12
Parents 18
Friends 9


The buying done by the customers to the ultimate consumers occasionally or always are shown in the following numbers. The persons who purchase for them self are 21, the children are purchases for them are 12, the parentís purchases for the family are 18, the friends purchases are 9.

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