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Project Report - Sales Promotion

Research Methodology


Data Collection :-

There are two main sources for collecting data. These are :-

1. Primary Data.

2. Secondary Data.

1. Primary Data :

It is the data that is collected for the first time. It is fresh and the originally collected by the surveyor.

In this Project - Sales Promotion Schemes, the researcher contacted 250 customers and situated on the various points of the Sonepat, Panipat, Karnal & nearby areas.

The response were collected personally by the reasearch through a structural questionnaire, consisting of 20 questions.

2. Secondary Data :

Secondary data is the one which is collected by the some one else and already used in some or the other form. Here the secondary data used was the theoretical aspects of promotional tools and the statistical method made use of.

Sample :-

A sample of 250 customers was chosen from Sonepat, Panipat, Karnal & nearby areas. The sample chosen was fully on the basis of convince of the researcher. It was a non-probability sample.

Analysis and interpretation :-

The total data was presented in simple tables, graphs and percentage method was used for interpretation.

Limitation :-

Due to time and money constrains the present study was confined only to a sample of 250 customers and that too of Sonepat, Panipat, Karnal & nearby areas.


Name :

Age : 18-30 o 30-40 o Above 40 o

Profession :

Income :

3000-5000 o 5000-7500 o 7500-10000 o  10000-15000 o Above 15000 o

1. Have you heard about the brand Grasim/Grasim Suiting?

Yes o No o

2. Have you ever seen the Advertisement of Grasim ?

Yes o No o

3. Where did you saw the Advertisement

On T.V. o In Magazine o  Hoarding o Others o

4. Does it provides the sufficient information about the product you needed ?

Yes o No o Partially o

5. Can you recall the content of Grasim Advertisement ?

Yes o No o Partially o

6. What do you think about the consistency of Grasimís advertisement ?

Excellent o Good o  Average o Poor o

7. Which channel do you watch most frequently ?

DD1 o DD2 o  Zee T.V. o Sony o  Star Plus o Zee News o  Others o

8. Have you ever heard about "Mr. India" "Mr. International" Contest organised by Grasim ?

Yes o No o

9. Do you found these events as are effective advertisement medium ?

Yes o No o Partially o

10. What type of advertisement do you like the most ?

Personality Symbol o Musical o  Fantasy o Life Style o

11. Which other advertisement can you recall ?

Raymonds o Siyaram o Vimal o OCM o  Mayur o Dinesh o Grasim o Digzam o

12. Which advertisement is most consistent ?

Raymonds o Siyaram o  Vimal o OCM o  Mayur o Dinesh o  Grasim o Digzam o

13. Which brand in the fabric is the most frequently advertised on T.V. ?

Raymonds o Siyaram o  Vimal o OCM o  Mayur o Dinesh o  Grasim o Digzam o

14. Have you purchased Grasim Product ?

Yes o No o

15. Have you satisfied with the product ?

Fully Satisfied o Partially Satisfied o  Dissatisfied o

16. Do you know the new product launched by Grasim viz. coolers, WWF, SUMO ?

Yes o No o

17. Do you recommend the product to others if you are satisfied with it ?

Frequently o Occasionally o  When asked o Never o

18. Which Media do you like is the most efficient for advertising fabric ?

Electronic o Print o  Outdoor o Mail o  Word of mouth o

19. Do you feel good when you see the advertisement of the brand which you have purchased ?

Yes o No o

20. What time of the day do you feel the best for the advertisement on TV ?

Morning o Mid-day o  Evening o Late night o

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