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Project Report on Marketing Information System / Market Feedback Survey (Regarding Yarn in Ludhiana)

Project Report on Marketing Information System (MIS)

It consists of people, equipment and procedures to gather, sort analyze evaluate, and distribute needed, timely and accurate information to Marketing decision makers.

Mainly there are only four parts of Marketing Information System :

1. Internal Records System :-

  1. The order-to-payment cycle
  2. Sales reporting system

Project on Marketing Intelligence System :-

Marketing intelligence system is kind of happening data, and is a set of procedures and sources used by managers to obtain their every day information about pertinent developments in the marketing environment.

3. Marketing Research System :-

For small scale companies there can conduct research in creative and affordable ways such as :-

  1. Engaging students or professors to design and carry out marketing research preceits.
  2. Using online information services.
  3. Checking out Rivals.

The marketing research system have three categories :-

  1. Syndicated service research firms.
  2. Custom Marketing research firms.
  3. Specialty line marketing

The Marketing Research Process :

Type of Research :

(a) Business/Economic and Corporate Research :

  1. Industry/Market Characteristics and Trends.
  2. Acquisition/Diversification Studies.
  3. Market Share Analysis.
  4. Internal employee Studies.

(b) Pricing :

  1. Cost Analysis.
  2. Profit Analysis
  3. Price Elasticity.
  4. Demand Analysis
  • Market Potential
  • Sales Potential
  • Sales Forecasts.

   v. Competitive Pricing Analysis

(c) Product

  1. Concept Development and Testing.
  2. Brand Name Generation and Testing.
  3. Test Market.
  4. Product Testing of existing products.
  5. Packaging design studies.
  6. Competitive product studies.

(d) Distributions :

  1. Plant/Ware house location studies.
  2. Channel Performance Studies.
  3. Channel coverage studies.
  4. Export and International Studies.

(e) Promotion

  1. Motivation Research.
  2. Media Research.
  3. Copy Research.
  4. Advertising Effectiveness.
  5. Competitive Advertising Studies.
  6. Public image studies.
  7. Sales force compensation studies.
  8. Sales force territory structure.
  9. Studies of premiums, Coupons etc.

(f) Buying Behaviour

  1. Brand Preference
  2. Brand Attitudes
  3. Product Satisfaction.
  4. Purchase behaviour.
  5. Purchase intentions.
  6. Brand Awareness
  7. Segmentation studies.


The Marketing Research Process

  1. Define The Problem and Research Objectives.
  2. Developing the Research Plan.

Research Approaches Primary Data is collected through different ways.

  1. Observational Research.
  2. Focus Group Research.
  3. Survey Research.
  4. Experimental Research.

1. Research Instruments :

  1. Questionnaires.
  2. Mechanical Instruments.

2. Sampling Plan :

  1. Sampling Unit.
  2. Sample Size.
  3. Sampling Produce.

3. Contact Methods.

  1. Collect the Information.
  2. Analyze the Information.
  3. Present the Findings.

A Good Research Should have Following Things

  1. Scientific Methods.
  2. Research Creativity.
  3. Multiple Methods.
  4. Interdependence of Models and data.
  5. Value and cost of Information.
  6. Healthy Skepticism.
  7. Ethical Marketing.

4. Marketing Decisions Support System :

It is a co-ordinated collection of data, systems, tools and techniques with supporting software and hardware by which a company gathers and interprets relevant information from business and environment.


Statistical Tools :

Multiple Regression : A Technique for estimating a best equation showing now the value of a dependent variable varies with changing values.

Discriminant Analysis : A technique for classifying an object or persons into two or more categories.

Factor Analysis : It used to determine the few underlying dimensions of a larger set of inter correlated variables.

Cluster Analysis : It used for separating objects into a specified numbers.

Conjoint Analysis : A technique whereby respondents ranked preferences for different offers are decomposed to determine the premises inferred utility function.

Multi dimensional scaling : A variety of technique for producing perceptual maps of competitive products or brands.


Models :

Markov Process Model : This model shows the probability of moving from a current state to any future state.

Queuing Model : It shows the waiting times and queue lengths that can be expected in any system.

New Product Pretest Model : It involves estimating functional relations between buyer status of awareness, trial and repurchase based on consumer preferences and actions in a pretest situation of the Marketing of fee and campaign.

Sales-Response Models : It is a set of Models that estimate functional relations between one or more marketing activities such as sales force size, Advertising expenditures.

Discrete Choice Models : This Model compute the probability of choosing an alternative (e.g. a particular brand within a product category) as a function of the attribute.

Optimization Routines :

  1. Differential Calculus.
  2. Mathematical Programming.
  3. Statistical Decision Theory.
  4. Game Theory.
  5. Heuristics.

Project Description :
Title : Project Report on Marketing Information System and Market Feedback Survey - 65 Pages
Description : This project report is on "Marketing Information System and Market Feedback Survey" and give all information about Marketing Information System and Market Feedback Survey, Internal Records System, Marketing Intelligence System, Marketing Research Process, Statistical Tools, Models and Optimization etc.
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