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Project Report on Intel Processors Vs. AMD Processors

Project Report on Intel Processors Vs. AMD Processors


 After the formulation of the problem for the study and the having the significance of problem we have the some of the research objectives for that we are doing the study’ because with out any objective nothing is to be a study report. The research objectives of this study are as below stated: -

First and utmost findings the consumer and business buying behavior for Processors.

  • Perception and awareness level of all companies in the market.
  • Determination of customer satisfaction level in regard to various brands with Intel.
  • Factor affecting the buying behavior of processors.
  • Physical distribution of these companies competing with others.
  • Difference between these companies in terms of product attributes.
  • Find out the consumer and business target groups.
  • To know the consumer and dealer profile of these companies customer and dealers.
  • Identify the problem of consumer and dealer with these companies.
  • Taking the suggestions and complaints of the consumer and dealer.

So that we are taking these some of the research objectives on which our study is based.


After getting through of the research objectives now we go through step of the preliminary investigation to find out the necessary information to fill out the objectives of the study. The information expected to be collect on the basis of the preliminary investigation are: -

  • The various brands and available companies in the market.
  • The various feature of various brands competing with the Intel
  • List of all dealer and auth. assembler in New Delhi.
  • Various promotional, marketing, advertisements, sales activity and physical distribution of these companies.
  • Competition in terms of price and technology between different brands.
  • Future marketing plan from point of competition.
  • List of strategic alliances and premium providers and their services.
  • Mapping of buying behavior.

So that to fill out the objectives of study I have done the preliminary Investigation on overstated defined points and after that a list of needed information prepared in next chapter.


To study the buying behavior it necessary to aware with the market change in few years, because day by day the awareness of the computers is growing bind along with that the entry of new players in the market grow rapidly. That has drastically hits the traditional processors market and makes the many changes in the few years. As to in the processor market the change is not only due to of competition but along with the change of technology. To see the market changes in few years we have to go through with the existing literature of processor market. In the computer studies as to not of such of studies are done only of few studies were done regarding computers and their perspectives by foreign as well as by the foreign writers. So some of the content can be used for this study, the few studies are used they are: -

  • DR. S.P Joseph, “Computer and Human — Relation of IC and Blood”, A.M.K. University, South Africa, 1998.
  • Louis. E. Frenzel, “Computers — Futures Man By Man”, Parsons Electronics, USA, 2001.
  • Dr. A.K. Shiva “Computer Impact over Human lives”, Banglore University, India, 1998.
  • Mr. Arun Jain, “Customer Satisfaction Level of Intel Products”, Trainee at INTEL, G.G.S. University, 2002.

The some of useful and meaningful point of existing literature for this study are: --

  • Customers of the processors are not only interested to the price but they pay more stress towards the advancement of technology for easy and speedy work.
  • Computer has made greater impact over human lives rather than the other technology invention and advancement.
  • Computer is another name of change, with that in each one or two years in computers technology changes is not a big and new thing.
  • Initially computers only provide the limited range of services but today we can not think any service without computers.
  • Till 1960 computers have the presence only in 5 countries around the globe but today approx. each and every country of world have computers.

So these are the extract of the computer literature that is useful towards the solution of buying behavior.


Satisfaction is a person felling of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a products perceived performance in relation to his or her expectations. So this study mainly focuses on: -

  • The satisfaction level of customers the study based on the feedback collected from the filled questionnaire.
  • Whether the customer is satisfied with the supplied product and not.
  • If customer is satisfied up to what extent and if is not satisfied why. What is the reason behind this?
  • Factors that affect the buying behavior as well as the customer satisfaction.
  • How customer taste and preferences affects the company marketing strategy.
  • How company is able to cater the demand and need of different target groups.


This study report has scope of understanding the different aspects of buying and this can be used in future for further study for: --

  • To understand the future demand of consumer and dealer
  • To understand the future processor market characteristics.
  • For making of better competition strategy in changing environment.
  • Future marketing war and promotional plans decisions.
  • For the study of future buying behavior affecting factor prediction.
  • To check the customer satisfaction and brand awareness.
  • Suggestions and complaints can be considered for future products.

So, those are the points of the future scope this study, in which this study can be used.



The research is a systematic, collection, recording and analyzing of data about the problem relating to the marketing of goods and services, It involves the diagnosis of information needs and the selection of relevant inter-related variables about which valid and reliable information is gathered, recorded and analyzed.

This research process for the study “BUYING BEHAVIOR OF COMPUTER PROCESSORS”. This chapter consisting of the research process in both the aspect i.e. consumer buying behavior and business buying behavior for different computer processors. Along with this it explains the all of the research tools from collection of data till analyzing of collected data.

Sample Size :

Sales Persons : 7

Dealers : 20

Consumers : 55

Sampling Method : Convenience Sampling.

Data Collection : Primary & Secondary Data.

Data Collection

After making of the list of the needed information, source of data and the sampling plan the next step is taken out for the collection of data. In this study of the data is collected from primary as well as secondary data. The details of the source of the data are :

Primary & Secondary Data.

Primary Data : Primary data are collected with the help of :

  • Questionnaire, Survey and feedback form.
  • Through interviewing of consumer and dealer.
  • Product supplement and Manual.
  • Product warranty cards.

Secondary Data : Secondary data are collected with the help of :

Analysis Instrument

After identify the variables and other factor on that basis the data is to be analyzed it is necessary to identify the tools and instrument through which the analysis of data is to be done and presented. So that it lead to the meaningful and good results from the analysis. In this study, we use the following instrument of analysis of data :-

  • Tables
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Ratios
  • Ranking
  • Percentage

MACRO Analysis

  • Most of the owners belongs to the income group of 300,000 and student category but on the other hand dealer have turnover around Rs. 15,00,000.
  • 85 % respondents have the PC and on other hand only 5% have the laptop computer own and in that 92 have Intel Based processors.
  • 97% are aware and performance about the Intel Brand and only 2% are aware about the AMD Processors.
  • 90% are overall satisfied with the Intel Processors but on the other hand AMD have the 5% of the overall customer satisfaction level.
  • 74% of the population says that the effective product education and supplement is to be supplied with the product and 90% of the Population know about the Intel service providers and overall satisfied with that.
  • 92% of the population are strongly agreed that Intel uses the world best Technology in their processors.
  • 84% of the population considered the technology first while purchasing the processors and the consumer perception about speed, company, technology, after sale service, warranty policy and price is excellent.
  • Friends and family members have the more influence in buying decision.
  • 95% of the Intel Dealers says that the Intel have the maximum sale, most population, customer satisfaction than others.
  • 88% of the dealers are the authorized dealer of Intel and they deal in genuine Intel Products.
  • Dealers say our 92% customers are satisfied and Intel influences the choice of consumers rather than the other brand in the market.
  • Dealers says the frequency of visit of Intel supervisor is mostly 2- 4 days in a week and 80% of the dealer are unsatisfied with the promotional activities of Intel and provides the marketing support to big dealers only.
  • 91% of the dealer grades the Intel as the first position among other brands.

Consumer Buying Behaviour Project Report Findings :

  • The most preferred and strong points are observed and find during the study are:
  • Intel products have the more customers irrespective of other competitors i.e. AMD.
  • Intel premium providers are very happy with the Intel business criteria.
  • As the advertisement expenses of Intel are very low but in comparison to others the brand awareness of Intel is very high.
  • In India Intel is only company that providing the Laptop products and other accessories up to latest technology and also the number of range of products in laptop computers rather than other companies i.e. AMD and Cyrix.
  • Intel divides its buying behavior consumer and business buyers in SMB unlike other competitors for facilitating the quality products and services.
  • Friends and family members influence respondents more advertisements have comparatively less influence on buying decision. Relatives have negligible influence on purchase decision.
  • Irrespective of price the technology and speed are most preferred element.
  • Perception of consumer about the attributes like product, company, technology is favorable to Intel.
  • The main problem of consumer is find to be the price of product irrespective to others competitor i.e. AMD and Cyrix.
  • The main problem of dealer is find to be that no advertisement assistance any other sales promotional and discount schemes for dealers.
  • The customer satisfaction of Intel consumer and dealer is remarkable in comparison of other competitors.


The complaints that are encountered during the study period from dealer as well as customers in suggestions columns of questionnaire are: -

  • The first ever complaint of Intel product is that price of all product in comparison to other is very high.
  • Consumer says Intel gives 5-year warranty on their product but dealers gives only for 1 year.
  • Number of Advertisement on television is very less.
  • Intel after sale service towards laptop products is not satisfactory.
  • No range available for laptop products in any of brands.
  • Intel after sales service is not satisfactory.
  • Procedure for replacement of product is very lengthy and it takes lots of time.
  • Service cost of premium provider is very costly and not satisfactory up to cost.
  • Dealer says any company does not give the advertisement assistance.
  • Intel attitude towards sub — dealer is not up to remark.
  • Dealer says that sales and promotional activities are not satisfactory.


  • As the recommendations that are given by the dealer and consumer in suggestions columns of questionnaire for Intel are: -
  • As price is most preferred attribute, so prices of product should be reduced as to make price competitive.
  • After sales service should be improved, by the arrangement of authorized service centers and dealers.
  • More advertisement should be given on television, newspapers etc. and based on children’s and family members.
  • The Company should provide promotional schemes & discount scheme to satisfy the consumers.
  • Advertisement for business buyers should be given and advertisement assistance should be given to dealers.
  • Service of premium providers should be in reach of each user by reducing the prices and more service centers should be opened.
  • Intel should sponsors the T.V. programs, films and public services to promote the brand.
  • The company should promote its brands so that the target consumers hear its name about the technology.
  • The number of Authorized whole seller and dealer should be increased.
  • The more support should be given to authorized assemblers.


Though every effort was put in to make this report authentic in every sense, yet there were few factors, which might have their influence on the final report. Hence limitations of the study are: -

  • This study is based on the primary data and observations; hence the probability of personal bias cannot be over rule.
  • Limited time is also a limitation due to much of the dealer and target consumers are not to be surveyed.
  • This study is conducted only in some part of Delhi due to of limited time constraints, so that results are confined to that area only.
  • Data could not be collected correctly as sometimes respondents did not respond seriously to the questions an d their response may not reflect the real picture.
  • Some times the dealers does not respond correctly due to of business time and due to of ill mood for conversation but tries to make possible and unbiased. Respondents, no matter, how honest they, normally do not exhibit their attribute and this kind of study retains such limitations.
  • In-co-operation of few dealers and consumers is another limitations of the study.
  • Major limitations number of respondent was very small which may not be true representative of population.


  • In Delhi near about all dealers and retailer of computer hardware deals in Intel Processor.
  • Latest Technology and speed are the first attribute of choice of consumer and dealers.
  • All companies divides its buying behavior consumer and business buyers in SMB unlike other competitors for facilitating the quality products and services.
  • Dealer says if promotional activities and advertisements are to be increased then sale can be increased.
  • Discount schemes and gifts should be introduced for big Dealers.
  • Credit period should be allowed.
  • Consumer buyer decision mainly influenced by the friends and already user views.
  • Mostly consumers are interested in buying the computers during budget time.
  • Most of Intel based PC and laptop are happy with their performance.
  • Most of consumers are waiting for the other range of processors.
  • Most of the consumer preferred the technology and speed first rather than the price and advertisement.

Please Tick (ü) on Choice: -


1) Do You Own A Computer?

A) Yes B) No

2) If No — Which Processor Based Computer Would You Like To Purchase

A) Intel B) Celeron C) Cyrix D) AMD

And Specify Why ___________________________________________.

3) If Yes Please Specify Type of Computer?

A) PC B) Notebook C) Server

4) For Whom Did You Buy PC?

A) Personal B) Spouse C) Children

5) Which PC Do You Own?

A) Assembled B) HCL C) HP D) Acer

6) Which Processor Your Computer Own?

A) Intel B) Celeron C) Cyrix D) AMD

7) Specify Why This ___________________________________________.

8) Which processors uses The World Best Technology In Their Products

A) Intel B) Celeron C) Cyrix D) AMID

9) Performance Of Your Computer With above specified Processors Is

A) Excellent B) Very Good C) Good D) Poor E) Fair

10) Have You Ever Avail Service Of any processors Premium

A) Yes B) No

If Yes Specify Name _______________________________________

11) Product Education And Supplement With The Product.

A) Manual B) Warranty Card

C) Credit Facility D) All Mentioned

12) Would You Recommend Any Person To Purchase which Processor?

Specify Name ______________________________________________.

13) Which Factor You Consider Most While Purchasing A Processor

A) Price B) Speed C) Company image D) Technology

14) What is Your Perception About The Following Factor of computer Processors.

Factor Excellent Good Poor Can’t Say
Company Name
After Sale Service

15) How Did You Came To Know About different brands of processors.

A) Friends B) Family    C) Advertisements D) Dealer

16) What is The First Word That Comes In Your Mind When You Hear About any processors brand.


17) Do You Remember Any processors Advertisement

A) Yes B) No

If Yes:—

A) Intel B) Celeron C) Cyrix D) AMD

Also Specify Media _____________________ Place _______________

18) Do You remember The Punch Line of any processors brand

A) Intel B) Celeron C) Cyrix D) AMD

Specify ___________________________________________________.

19)    Any Suggestions And Complaints

Respondent Profile —

First Name _________________ Last Name ________________ Age _______

Address ______________________________________________________ City _________________ Pin _______________________________________

Phone No ______________ Mobile No _____________ E-Mail ID __________


A) Student B) Business man

C) Service man D) Self Employed

Annually Family Income ( More than)

A) 100,000 B) 150,000 C) 200,000 D) 300,000


Questionnaire for Dealers

1) Are You

A) Dealer B) Sub Dealer C) Retailer D) Sub Retailer

2) Which Brand Of Processor Based Computer or Processor Do You Deal

A) Intel B) Celeron C) Cyrix D) AMD

3) Which Brand Of Processor Based Computer or Processor is Popular, Most Demanded

A) Intel B) Celeron C) Cyrix D) AMD

4) Why It Is Popular Or Demanded Most?

Please Specify _____________________________________________.

5) Which Type of PC Do You Own?

A) Assembled B) HCL C) HP D) Acer

6) Are You Authorized Assembler Of any processor brand

A) Yes B) No

If “YES “please specify

A) Intel B) Celeron C) Cyrix D) AMD

7) Are You Authorized Assembler Of any Assembled PC

(if Yes Then Specify )

A) HCL B) HP C) Acer

8) Which Processor Have the Maximum Sale At To Your Shop?

A) Intel B) Celeron C) Cyrix D) AMD

9) Your Opinion About The Performance Of Computer With computer Processors is

A) Excellent B) Very Good C) Good

D) Poor E) Fair

And Which

A) Intel B) Celeron C) Cyrix D) AMD

10) Rank The Following Brand Of Processor As To Your Perception

(From A to D)

11) Please Specify To Which fou Influence The Choice Of Customer

A) Intel B) Celeron C) Cyrix D) AMD

12) The Choice Of Customer Towards Branded System

A) Always B) Some Times C) Mostly D) Never

13) Which Factor You and Customer Consider Most While Purchasing A Processor

A) Price B) Speed C) Company Image D) Technology

14) Frequency Of Visit Of any brand Supervisor (In a Week)

A) 1—2 B) 2—4 C) 4—5 D) 5—6

And Whom

A) Intel B) Celeron C) Cyrix D) AMD

15) Which Provides You Necessary Marketing Material

A) Intel B) Celeron C) Cyrix D) AMD

16) If Yes Please Specify

A) Board B) Hoarding C) News Paper ad Support

D) Glow Sign Board E) Pamphlets F) Other

17) Which Provides You Ever Any Promotional Schemes

A) Intel B) Celeron C) Cyrix D) AMD

18) Please Specify Type _______________________________________.

19) Would You Recommend Any Person To Purchase Which Processor?

A) Intel B) Celeron C) Cyrix D) AMD

20) Any Suggestions And Complaints





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