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Project Report on “Market Perception for ISO 9001:2000 of Gencosys Management Consultancy Mumbai”

Project Report on Market Perception for ISO 9001:2000 of Gencosys Management Consultancy Mumbai


The project is a part of MBA program. This is basically designed to expose the students of MBA course to a real life situation of an Organization in the Training Program. The students use their academic knowledge in real life situation. This helps the students in developing the decision making ability.

I did my project training at “Gencosys Management Consultancy”, Mumbai.

I took a project of “Market Perception for ISO 9001:2000 in Mumbai”.


  1. Outline of the Study
  2. Introduction
  3. Problem Formulation
  4. Objective of the Study
  5. Research Methodology
  6. Scope and Limitation
  7. Introduction to the Gencosys Management Consultancy
  8. Data Analysis and Interpretation
  9. Findings
  10. Conclusion
  11. Suggestions
  12. Annexure
  13. Schedule for ISO 9001:2000
  14. Bibliography


ISO 9001:2000 is known as QMS (Quality Management System) in the industry. In early stages of 90’s it was first time introduced in India. TVS was the first company, which achieved this international standard in India. This international standard came in the picture in 1947 with the aim to reduce the trade barriers between countries and to establish a common definition of Quality, which could be applicable to all areas of the business. This standard in given by ISO (International organization for standardization). This organization had taken the responsibility to formulate standards for various types of industries. It comprises of Technical Committees, 176 in numbers and various sub committees are responsible for standards formulation.
Earlier there was ISO 9001:1994. But after some time; changes or amendments had done by ISO body; to make this system more generic and flexible.
It is pronounced as ISO 9001:2000 because in the year of 2000 several amendments done by ISO in the clauses of this standard. Earlier there were 24 clauses but not it has only 8 clauses and 8 principles. These clauses and principles are the basis for ISO 9001:2000.
ISO formulated and framed these standards with the aim to reduce the trade barriers. Because there are around 300 countries trading with each other having their own standard and customs. So with the aim to reduce these barriers a generic system was highly required, which fulfill all relevant statutory, regulator and customer requirements. Scope of this certification lies upto Manufacturing as well as Service industry including Hospitals, Clinics, Educational Institutions, etc.
Now a days in the Indian market it is being considered that there is saturation in the market for this generic system. In its earlier days ISO 9001 was to be considered as a flank for the companies. At present in India around 3.5 lakhs organization have gone for this certification.
Indian market liberalized since from 1991 after industrial Policy more number of MNC’s entered into the Indian market to associate with these big Small & Medium scale industry, government decided to have reimbursement package for these industries. This reimbursement scheme is provided to these industries only in case when they achieve this international standard.
This certification basically aims towards customer specification by considering the customer requirement and to fulfill that with continual improvement. It emphasizes on process and system. In this certification control management develops system by documenting each minute activity of organization which could have a relevant impact on the quality of product or service.

8 PRINCIPAL OF ISO 9001 : 2000

  1. Customer Focus.
  2. Leadership
  3. Involvement of Peoples
  4. Process Approach
  5. System Approach
  6. Continual Improvement
  7. Factorial Approach to Decision-making.
  8. Mutually beneficial supplier relationship.


As this certification introduced first time in 1987 in India and still continues but there is a perception in the mind of prospective industries that no more future is considered for ISO 9001 in India because of day by day new inventions and introduction of new concepts in the industry.
But ISO 9001 is the most flexible and generic system because it emphasizes on implementation of a system which is more helpful for employees to finish the required job with a proper control system. In the industry there is a misperception that ISO 9001:2000 is just only the documentation, nothing else. But if the results are considered it provides long term benefits to the industries.
Today because of high competition in the market each company is required to have a USP (Unique Selling Preposition) and a pressure of keeping its operation’s cost low to survive in the market. These factors are required to be kept in control because to differentiate itself from others.
These factors also leads to have a study over this issue so along with the project researcher can find out the awareness of the various industries towards this concept.


Broad or Major objective of this study is to find out the perception of various industries related to ISO 9001:2000 so as side wise we can find out the obstacles perceived by companies in implementation of this concept.

Specific objectives of this study are as follows:

  1. To find out the factors which plays significant role to mould the mind of the prospective?
  2. To find out the potential in the market for other concepts.
  3. To find out the awareness in the industry for ISO 9001:2000.


Research is a voyage form known to unknown. Research methodology is a procedure for conducting a systematic and a planned way to carry out our research project for the purpose of achieving the objectives.
A useful research methodology must be exhaustive, comprehensive in time and free from bias or uncertainty. The research is therefore completed to follow certain basic scientific rules or steps and stipulation in designing, planning and executing the research.
Universe & Survey Population
Universe of my study comprises of all the organizations heaving one or more than one customer.
Population of my project comprises of all the organizations heaving customer in Mumbai.
A research design is the arrangement of the conditions for the collection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. In fact, the research design is the conceptual structure within which research conducted. It constitutes the blue print for the collection, measurement and analysis. This research is of descriptive in nature. In descriptive research we have sufficient data on the concept and research material. Because many researcher have been done the work on the concept. I have used the schedule method for collection of data.
Sample Design is a definite plan for collection of sample from the population. It helps the researcher to get away from the problem of collecting the data from entire population.
It guides the researcher in collecting the appropriate data for the research purpose. It specifies how much data will be collected, from where it will be collected and what kind of sampling techniques the researcher will use to collect the data.
I have collected the data through convenience sampling.
It helped me to collect the information from the organizations.
Size of sample of my research project was 100.
The scope of study is limited to industry (Manufacturing & Services) which may also include clinics, hospitals, restaurants and educational institutions etc. because it is a generic concept, which could be applicable to every aspect of the industry.
Limitation of the study was the time frame provided for the study.


Gencosys Management Consultancy is one of the leading consultancies in the field of providing consultancy services for various concepts for the standardization of the processes and systems of the organizations. It provides services to the organizations for generic concepts as well as for industry specific concept implementation.
It offer its services for ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001(OHSAS), HACCP, SIX Sigma, TPM, 5-S, CE-Marking etc.
It has its business across the country keeping its head office at New Delhi.
It has provided its service to more than hundred clients covering various industries like steel, cement, paper, engineering, chemicals, shipping, clinics, hospitals, hotels, trusts etc. for various concepts.
Motive of the company is to provide good knowledge to the industry considering the competition of the particular industry at a reasonable cost.

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