Project Report on Consumer Behaviour towards Soap Market

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The term consumer behaviour refers to the behavior that consumers display in searching for, purchasing, using, evaluating, and disposing of products and services that they expect will satisfy their needs. Consumer behaviour can also be defined as those acts of consumers directly involved in obtained using and disposing of economic goods and services, including the decision processes that preceded and determine these acts.

The study of consumer behaviour is the study of how individuals make decisions to spend their available resources (time, money, effort) on consumption-related items. It includes the study of what they buy, why they buy it, when they buy it, where they buy it, how often they buy it and how often they use it.

To successfully market to different segments the marketing manager needs appropriate marketing strategies which he can design only when he can understand the factors which account for these differences in consumers behaviour and faster.




Research methodology is a way to systematically represent a research on any problem. It tends taken by the researcher in studying the research problem alongwith the logic behind them. It tends to define the methodology for the solution of the problem that has been undertaken for the purpose of the study.

THE PROJECT : The topic undertaken for project is "Consumer Behaviour towards Soaps Market"

IMPORTANCE OF STUDY : The importance of study can be considered from different angles.

For the Researcher : The study is important for the research as it bridges down the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications of the theoretical concept learned during the cause of management studies. It provides an exposure and experience for a field job.

For the Public/Consumer : This study helps the consumer to understand the complexity of the buying behaviour. It provide insight into their own consumption related decision What they buy ? Why they buy and how the buy ? It make the product choice.

For the Marketers : It will enable marketer to understand the consumer psyche - better and will enable them to make the product or modify the product according to the consumers need satisfaction.

For other Researchers : Human behaviour is very complex and buying behaviour is merely a part of it. A study into it leads to several findings which provide a base for further studies which can be undertaken by other researcher.


The study can be classified as a social research since it deals with the behaviour pattern of respondents. A social research may not be as precise or accurate as the researchers in physical sciences in making prediction. However, techniques have been developed to reduce as far as possible the inaccuracy in studying social phenomenon.

It is an Exploratory Research : The basic aim of the exploratory research study is to gain familiarity with a phenomenon or to achieve new insight into it. In this particular study an attempt made to comprehend and gain insights into the buying behaviour of consumer with reference to soaps.

It has an applied Base : The result obtained from this study and the references drawn from it will be used and applied to the field of marketing of soaps.


Related to Coverage of Geographical Area. The scope of the study is restricted to the area of _______, the respondents are the true representatives of the population related to Product Selection.

Related to Respondents : The study is restricted to the younger generation and they have been further classified as male and females graduates and those pursuing professional courses.


Selection of Sample : Due to the scarcity of essential resource like time and money the study is preferably narrowed down to specific group of population for convenience sake. The sample size of the 100 respondents was considered appropriate keeping in view the objective and limitation. The respondents are the representative sample of the total population.

Sample Plan : The sampling plan calls for taking the following three decision.

Sampling Unit : It defines the target population that will be sampled in this study young generation constitutes the sampling unit who are further classified into male and female.

Sample Size : It consists of the total number of people to be surveyed as started already that due to time and money, constraints the sample size restricted to 100.

Collection of Data : The data can be collected from primary and secondary sources. In this data collects from primary data and supplemented by secondary data from the magazines, journals etc. The techniques will be use questionnaire and interviews Random samples that are representative of the population are chosen.

Pre-Testing : In this a 'pilot survey' was done so as to see which item are most commonly used and 'trial survey' is conducted to see what necessary changes are to be made by deleting of adding the questionnaire as required and finally the questionnaire made which is use for the purpose of this study.


Hypothesis is considered as the principal instrument in research. It enables to make probability statement about population parameters. It can be defined as a proposition or a set of proposition set forth as an explanation for the occurrence of some specified group of phenomenon either asserted merely or as a provisional conjecture to guide some investigation or accepted as highly probable in the light of established tacts.

The hypothesis evolved in the study are :

HO 1 There is no change in consumer behaviour.

HO 1 There is no switchover among different brands.

HO 1 Sales promotion do not have any influence or buying behaviour.

HO 1 Price does not play a significant role in influencing the buying selection.

HO 1 The influences do not play an important role while making the purchase decision.

The method adopted in this study is the sample survey method. This method gains primary significant in modern research because of the extensive use to study the relationship of different factor attitude and practices of society and to explore the problem that can't be treated by experimental method.



Name ............................................................. Age .................  Sex ............................ Occupation .......................................

Income ...............................................................................

1. Do you use any soap ?

    (a) Yes      (b) No 

2. Which soap you like most ?

    (a) Lux  (b) Santoor  (c) Lifebouy  (d) Hamam  (e) No. 1  (f) Medimix 

3. Which soap Advertisement influence you most ?

    (a) Lux  (b) Santoor  (c) Lifebouy  (d) Hamam  (e) No. 1  (f) Medimix 

4. Are there any effect of the price factor on the purchase decision ?

    (a) Very High  (b) High  (c) Low  (d) Very Low 

5. What qualities do you want in your soap ?

    (a) Fragrance  (b) Good Brand  (c) Good Performance  (d) Above All 

6. Which are the sources that most influence your purchase decision ?

    (a) Family  (b) Friends  (c) Magazines/Newspaper  (d) T.V./Radio  (e) Experimenting Nature  (f) Retailer  (g) Any Other 

7. How much the sales promotion programme affect your purchase behaviour ?

    (a) Yes  (b) No  (c) Sometimes 

8. Which type of promotional schemes do you prefer ?

    (a) Price Discount  (b) Free Offer  (c) Quality Deal  (d) Distribution of Samples 

9. Are you give any importance to the soap fragrance ?

    (a) Yes  (b) No 

10. Which of the following soap fragrance you like most ?

    (a) Rose  (b) Lime  (c) Sandal  (d) Neutral 

11. Which of the following colors are most preferred by consumer ?

    (a) Pink  (b) Yellow  (c) Cream  (d) Green  (e) Light Blue  (f) Red 

12. Which of the following shapes are most liked by you ?

    (a) Rectangular  (b) Round  (c) Bean  (d) Oval  (e) Rectangular with round edges 

13. Would you like to switch over your brand ?

    (a) Yes  (b) No 

14. Why you switch over the brand ?

    (a) Low Quality  (b) High Price  (c) Habitual 

15. For which purpose you use soap ?

    (a) Health  (b) Freshness  (c) Complexion & Skin Care 

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