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Project Report on Motivation Level of Employees

Here are the complete Analysis of Employees Motivation :



  • On the basis of the data analysis and interpretations the research come to know that following points :
  • Respondents get opportunity to express their views.
  • 70% of the respondents are completely satisfied while 30% of the respondents are partially satisfied.
  • Majority of the respondents are completely satisfied with the working conditions.
  • 70% of the respondents are satisfied with the wages and salary administration of the organization.
  • 40% of the respondents are completely satisfied with the medical facilities.
  • There is a cooperative relationship between workers and management.
  • Motivation is abstract quality, for which measurement become to difficult task because of the non-availability of standardized test for it.
  • Attitude of workers towards supervisor and co-workers is also extremely favourable.
  • Attitude of workers towards organization is extremely favourable.


After finding out the Survey Report on Employees Motivation, the conclusions the following suggestions can be made :

  • Working conditions should be improved.
  • Wages and salary administration should be made appropriate for their purpose wages should be revised annually.
  • More financial benefits should be given.
  • Welfare services for the benefits of workers need to be improved. Partially medical facilities needs a significant improvement.
  • Promotion system should be communicated among the workers.
  • Today, as there is a atmosphere of worker participation in the decisions regarding organization worker should have given opportunity to express their views in the company.
  • The human motivation is changeable and not stable it should be considered in mind.
  • Money incentives should be given more.
  • Management policies and practices should be communicated so that workers could understand them easily.


Limitations of the research are as follows :

Motivation Abstract : Motivation is abstract and it is very difficult to measure motivation because it can only be felt. As it cannot be touched there is no standardized data on motivation.

Lack of Education Among the workers : Most of the workers are not educated as a result they become suspicious of the filling of these questionnaire.

Difficulty in Filling : A large number of the respondents needed help in filling these questionnaire.

Lack of Seriousness : Some of the workers did not attach the required seriousness to the investigator.


Questionnaire of Employees Motivation Survey

Background Information

Name : _______________________ Father's / Husband's Name : __________________

Age : _______________ Sex : Male ( ) Female ( )

Department : ______________________Designation : _________________

Experience : In the organization ( _____ Years) In other organization ( _____ Years)

Educational Qualifications :

Illiterate (      ) Literate (      )

If Literate : Below Matric ( ) Matric ( ) Intermediate ( ) Graduate ( )

Marital Status : Married ( ) Unmarried ( )

Category Levels : Skilled ( ) Unskilled ( ) Semi Skilled ( )

Nature of Job : Casual ( ) Permanent ( )


Questionnaire For Employees

1. Are you motivated by the officers ?

    (i) Yes (ii) No

2. What type of feeling you have by working in the BTM ?

    (i) Satisfactory (ii) Unsatisfactory

3. Do you get the opportunity to express your view in the company ?

    (i) Yes (ii) No

4. Are you satisfied with your company's management ?

    (i) Completely (ii) Partially (iii) Moderate

5. Are you satisfied with the working conditions in BTM ?

    (i) Completely (ii) Partially (iii) Moderate

6. Are you the member of any recognize union ?

    (i) Yes (ii) No 

    Specify the name _____________________________________.

7. What type of relation you have with your officers ?

    (i) Direct (ii) Indirect

8. How are the relation with workers union and management ?

    (i) Fine (ii) Average (iii) Bad

9. Which method of motivation motivate you more ?

    (i) Positive Method (ii) Negative Method

10. According to you which one is the best motivator ?

    (i) In Cash (ii) In Kind.

11. Are you satisfied with wages and salary administration ?

    (i) Completely (ii) Partially (iii) Moderate (iv) None of those.

12. What is your view the practices & Policies of management ?

    (i) Fair (ii) Unfair (iii) Cannot Say

13. Holidays provided to you in a year ?

    (i) 0-10 (ii) 10-20 (iii) 20-30 (iv) 30-40

14. Do you consider BTM is the best place of work ?

    (i) Yes (ii) No

15. Do you satisfied with the medical facilities ?

    (i) Completely (ii) Partially (iii) Moderate

16. Are you satisfied with Financial Benefits ?

    (i) Completely (ii) Partially (iii) Moderate

17. What kind of the recreational facilities provided by the company ?

    (i) Sports Club (ii) Library (iii) Any other, specify.

18. What kind of the facilities provided by the company ?

    (i) Residential Facility (ii) Canteen Facility (iii) Children's School Facility (iv) All of Above.

19. What do you get for over time ?

    (i) Extra money (ii) Leave facility (iii) Praise (iv) All of above.

20. How's the relation between workers and management ?

    (i) Co-operative (ii) Un-cooperative.

Project Report on Employees Motivation Ist Chapter


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