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MBA HR Project Report on Stress Management

Stress management is one of the burning issues nowadays. All human beings are suffering from some or the other mental or physical ailments like the blood pressure, heart attack, depression, ulcer, low concentration etc. Competition, availability of manpower in bulk, increases in daily targets, globalization, diverse culture etc. are the main reasons of stress. Stress management is desperately needed in the corporate world which is shown by various studies:

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics -"neurotic reaction to stress" is the 4th disabling workplace injury. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health-25% of those surveyed said their job was the single greatest cause of stress in their life.

British Medical Journal- Studies-job stress may increase chances of coronary heart disease. Job control and pressure were tested.

The facts mentioned above show that job is one of the major reasons of stress at workplace so stress management tools should be there to cope up with adverse situation. This study will help the corporate people to choose the best tools for managing the stress so that they can become healthy physically as well as mentally to contribute in the organizational goals effectively. As the study will be conducted BPO industry so it will be beneficial for them to decrease in absenteeism, high turnover, conflicts and increase productivity etc. The researchers can take benefits of this study in further studies. The study is beneficial not only to BPO industries, but also to the others, as they can analyze the causes and implement the suitable stress management tools in their respective field.

Effective stress management is significant because it ensures that you are able to go on with your life and get to enjoy every minute of it. Actually this is pretty hard to look for something positive in a grave situation but, even at such a time, effective management will seek to bring out the good and discard the negative.

Review of Existing Literature

Everyone wants stress-free life. Yet, stress is ubiquitous. Of course, cannot be controlled by more nutrients as the real cause of stress is anxiety or pressure which may ultimately lead to the neglect or proper dietary habits. Stress refers to the “circumstances that threaten one’s well being and thereby tax one’s coping abilities”.

Stress is inevitable part of modern life. Stress has two faces. It is a good servant, but a bad master. In other words, it can be one’s best friend or worst enemy. A certain amount of stress is necessary to achieve success. But, undue stress causes distress.

Stress is received by different people differently. If two people experience the same amount or pressure, one may be healthy while the other is sick. This is so because our personalities do influence the level of stress.

The present day’s lifestyle breeds stress and tension. When tension lasts long, depression sets in. Depression is characterized by feelings of sadness, hopelessness and pessimism. In order to understand the facts related to stress management one should undergo thorough study of existing literature. Here we divide it at two levels:

Epidemiologist Bengt Arnetz (University of Uppsala, Sweden) has been studying occupational stress for 20 years says, that in Sweden stress among doctors is such that their mental energy has decreased and intellectual exhaustion [burnout] increased to critical levels.

The study of Michael Marmot (University of London, UK) says that individual perception also plays a roll in occupational stress that different employees perceive and react differently in given situation of work environment, some with high stress levels and some with low or even do not.

What is Stress :

The word 'stress' is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as "a state of affair involving demand on physical or mental energy". A condition or circumstance (not always adverse), which can disturb the normal physical and mental health of an individual. In medical parlance 'stress' is defined as a perturbation of the body's homeostasis. This demand on mind-body occurs when it tries to cope with incessant changes in life. A 'stress' condition seems 'relative' in nature. Extreme stress conditions, psychologists say, are detrimental to human health but in moderation stress is normal and, in many cases, proves useful. Stress, nonetheless, is synonymous with negative conditions.

Cooper (1997) summarizes stress as:

"everything that deprives the person of purpose and zest, that leaves him with negative feelings about himself, with anxieties, tensions, a sense of lost ness, emptiness and futility."

Statt (1994) draws attention to the physical response:

"The human body is biologically programmed to react to challenge from the environment by mobilizing its resources. We can either confront the challenge and fight it or get away from it as fast as possible. The choice in other words is 'fight or flight', whichever we deem to be more appropriate in the situation."

Hence Stress is the response or reaction of one’s body and/or mind to a real or imaginary threat, event or change. The threat, event or change is commonly called stressors. Stressors can be internal (thoughts, beliefs, attitudes or external (loss, tragedy, change).

Types of Stress

Positive stress (or eustress) is the result of competent management and mature leadership where everyone works together and everyone is valued and supported. Positive stress enhances well-being and can be harnessed to enhance performance and fuel achievement.

Negative stress (or distress) is the result of a bullying climate where threat, coercion and fear substitute for non-existent management skills. Employees have to work twice as hard to achieve half as much to compensate for the dysfunctional and inefficient management. Negative stress diminishes quality of life and causes injury to health. When people use the word "stress" on its own, they usually mean "negative stress".

Effective Stress Management :

Effective stress management is concerned with:

  • Understanding stress, its sources, causes, symptoms and results;
  • Designing the work environment and different aspects of organization and workplace practice so that the effect of stress can be minimized;
  • Creating the conditions in which specific issues can be dealt with quickly when they become apparent; and
  • Recognizing the interaction between life at work, and that outside work; and taking steps to understand the stresses and strains thus caused.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the delegation of one or more IT-intensive business processes to an external provider that in turn owns, administers and manages the selected process based on defined and measurable performance criteria. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the fastest growing segments of the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) industry. Certain tools to reduce stress are very tangible: exercising more, eating healthy foods and talking with friends. But there is another tool for helping you manage difficult times that can be just as beneficial, albeit harder to pin down — embracing your spirituality.

Spirituality has many definitions, but at its core spirituality helps to give our lives context. It's not necessarily connected to a specific belief system or even religious worship. Instead, it arises from your connection with yourself and with others, the development of your personal value system, and your search for meaning in life. For many, this takes the form of religious observance, prayer, meditation or a belief in a higher power. For others, it can be found in nature, music, art or a secular community. Spirituality is different for everyone.

Spirituality facilitates intra-personal relationships in practitioners. You come to know and assess yourself more, and try to grow as a person. Thereby you become more adept and more skillful in facing life's various situations.

So in this particular study spirituality has been taken as a major tool for stress management in BPO industry due to various reasons which are as follows:-

Faith and the use of prayer and religion to manage stress may provide health benefits for cancer survivors, University of California researchers reported at the American Psychosomatic Society's annual meeting in Denver.

"Our findings suggest that spirituality may be protective of physical health," said Carissa Low, UCLA psychology graduate student and lead author of the study.

“We are looking at yoga consultants and mediation sessions to reduce their stress levels,” says the president of Call Centre Association of India, Sam Chopra.

Some BPOs have, however, welcomed the move. “It may lead to more travel time, but it will be safer for employees in the industry,” says Harsh Vinayak, MD, Keane BPO at Gurgaon.

Staying connected to your inner spirit and the lives of those around you can enhance your quality of life, both mentally and physically. Remember that spirituality is a dynamic process and a constantly evolving internal journey. Your personal concept of spirituality may change with your age and life experiences, but it always forms the basis of your well-being, helps you maintain a reasonable stress level and affirms your purpose in life.

Focus of the Problem

Everyday speculation creates anxiety, fear, stress etc. employee stress has become a major problem in most of the organization, and especially where there are challenging targets are given and impossible deadlines to be met. Especially in BPO industry due to target pressure, loss of social life, unusual timings, downsizing, recession competition the employees suffer from greater workloads and work for longer hours which results in decrease in concentrations of employees, absenteeism, high turnover, hypertension, conflicts etc which eventually has a severe impact on the productivity of the individual and thereby the organization. So it becomes important to manage stress in an effective and efficient way. Hence the present study focuses on major causes, symptoms and various ways to manage stress .It concentrate on spirituality as one of the important tools for stress management.

Objectives of the Study

  • To understand the concept of stress management.
  • To understand the causes and effect of stress.
  • To analyze the various tools of stress management
  • To analyze the role of spiritualism in stress management

Research Methodology

Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It may be understood as a science how research is done scientifically. Research methodology refers to the tools and the methods used for obtaining information for the purpose of the research study. Research not only need to know how to develop certain indices or tests, how to calculate the mean, the mode, median, how to apply particular research techniques but also need to know which of these methods or techniques are relevant and which are not and what would they mean and indicate and why. All this means that it is necessary for the researcher to design his methodology for his problem as the same way differ from problem to problem.

Nature of the Study

Nature of the Study basically defines what type of study it is. This study is descriptive as well as exploratory in the nature as the study describe the state of affairs exists at present. In other words, we can say that research uses the facts and information that are already available. So the major purpose of the descriptive study is to make descriptions using the existing information. This project is exploratory in the sense that study has been done regarding causes, consequences and open ended questions explored various new things.

Sample Size and Sampling

The sample size was 60 employees of Banking Sector in Haryana region and the employees were randomly selected as per convenience.

Data Collection and Sources

The data was collected from primary and secondary sources. A survey of employees at different levels of BPO industry was done with the help of structured questionnaire.

Secondary data was collected through

  • Books related to the topic
  • HR magazines
  • Journals and
  • Internet

Project Description :
Title : MBA HR Project Report on Stress Management in BPO Industry, Project on Stress Management in Banking Sector- 82 Pages

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