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Project Report on Labor Welfare Activities And Safety Measures In R.V. Enterprises, New Delhi

MBA HR Project Report on Labor Welfare Activities And Safety Measures In R.V. Enterprises, New Delhi

Concept of Welfare Activities

Welfare is a broad concept referring of the state of living of an individual or a group in desirable relationship with total environment, ecological economic & social. The concept of labour welfares a scientific programme is one of the origin. It has developed with the increasing social & economic problem of our complex industry society. So labour welfare includes both the social & economical problem of the weaker section of society like prevention of destitution and poverty. The object of economic welfare is to promote economic development by increasing production and productivity and through equitable distribution. Labour welfare is a part of social welfare conceptually and operationally. It covers a broad field and connotes a state of well being happiness, satisfaction, conversion and development of human resources.

Mr. M. Moorthy has defined welfare as a state of living in desirable relation to the total environment, animate or inmate. He further writes, "The worker suffer from various handicaps is a part of the function of labour welfare."

Labour welfare implies the setting up of minimum desirable standards and the provision of facilities like health, food, clothing, housing, medical education, insurance, job security and so on. Such facilities enable the worker and his family to lead a good work life, family life and social life. Labour welfare also operates to neutralize the harmful effects of large scale Industrialization and Urbanization.

The Oxford Dictionary define Labour Welfare as "Efforts to make life worth living for workmen." The labor welfare investigation committee includes under labour activities "Anything done for the intellectual, physical, moral, and economic betterment of the workers whether by the employer, by the government or by the other agencies over and above what is laid down by labour what is normally expected as part of the contractual benefits for which the workers may have bargained ."

Industrial Safety

Safety can be defined as a state or fact of being safe. Now a day’s industrialization process newer types of dangers to life limb & health are being increasingly introduced mechanical, electrical, and chemical & radiation hazards are set us on all sides. Yearly several lakhs of employees are injured in factory due to accidents. These accidents represent a social loss of great disturbance to economic efficiency, emotional losses, compensation, medical expenses etc.

Health Services In R.V. Enterprises.


A well equipped hall with music for the employees has been provided where meal are taken by employers.

Tea Services:-

Free of cost tea are provided to employees.

Washing Facilities:-

Washing facilities have been provided in the factory soaps and dusters.

Rest Room:-

Rest room is provided to the workmen.

Ambulance Room:-

First aid post is situated in the heart of factory which operates in all shifts and is attended by the Medical officer of the company.

Medical Facilities:-

  • Medical facilities are provided to the employees like hospitals.
  • Group Personal Accident Policy:-
  • Group accident policy are provided to the employees of the company.

List of Safety Equipments:-

  • Spectacles
  • Overall goggles
  • Specs with plastic lens
  • Specs protecting from dust
  • Mask
  • Aperus
  • Gloves
  • Coats & Jacksets
  • Helmets & tubbans
  • Anti fire suits
  • Welding Shields
  • Protecting Shoes
  • Plugs for ears
  • Scraping pads
  • Protecting creams

Duties of Safety Officer

  • To advice the concerned department in planning and organizing measures necessary for the effective control of personal injuries.
  • To advice on safety aspects in all job studies.
  • To check and evaluate the effective ness of action taken or proposed to be taken to prevent injuries.
  • To advice the purchasing and stores department in ensuring high quality and availability of personal protective equipment.
  • To advice on matters related to carrying out plant safety inspections.
  • To design and conduct either independently or in collaboration with training and educational programmes for the prevention of personal injuries.

Objectives of the Project

  • To study the present health and safety facilities provided by the organization.
  • To find out the workers attitude, need and reaction towards the health and safety facilities provided here.
  • To study the degree of awareness of the authorities for the safety and health in workers.
  • To study effectiveness and to suggest the steps to increase it.

Project Description :
Title : MBA HR Project Report on Labor Welfare Activities And Safety Measures In R.V. Enterprises, New Delhi - 62 Pages

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