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MBA Project Report on Retail Banking in India



New Private sector banks have great resource mobilizing and asset expansion capabilities which cannot be undermined by the fact these banks volume.  Which have taken decades of option for the old private sector bank to build.  These bank are dominating the market with new product, services and ideas.  Information technology has enabled many private banks are emerging strong in banking and financial services with the marketing of new product and service based on technological capabilities.

            In the present scenario HDFC bank Ltd. is a fast emerging bank.  It has 227branches throughout the India in Rewari city HDFC has one branch also and one ATMs.

            Apart from the HDFC bank, the other bank like PNB, SBI which is included in study.  These both are the public sector bank.  SBI is the one bank in India.  These two are also providing the retail banking service.

            Now the emergence of the retail concept of the banking customers are expecting more and better services.  To day customer prefer private banks because they can have personal relationship with the bank personnel, with lesser hierachy and It is possible for these banks to forget closer ties with customers also.


HDFC Bank provide the following service :-

1.         Current A/C                                                                         2.         Loan

3.         Corporate Salary A/C                                                           4.         Online A/C

5.         Debit Card                                                                             6.         Phone Banking

7.         Intercity/ Inter Branch Banking                                             8.         Net Banking

9.         Bill Pay


SBI & PNB Provides following services :-



                        -Demand Deposit

v     Current Deposit

v     Saving Deposit

                        -Time Deposit

v     Fixed Deposit

v     Akshaya Deposit

v     Cumulative Deposit

v     Pragati Deposit


Loan :-


v                 Housing finance for individuals

v                 Car finance

v                 Finance for consumer disables

v                 Finance for Scooter/Motorcycles

v                 Finance against future lease Rentols

v                 Personal loan to pensioness

v                 Personal loan to serving Army officers, Govt. & other Employees

v                 Education loan scheme

v                 Advance against life policy

v                 Advance against bank deposits


- ATMs




Current A/C:- 

            Under this account a person can deposit and with draw money as many times in a day as he wants . The regulars an average quarterly balance of the Rs. 10000 only .Besides the free ATM card and easy accessibility. Your first 50 cheque leave are o

Offered free. This can be as:-   

v                 Premium current account From any branch 

v                 HDFC  bank Trade - Small business 

v                 HDFC bank plus.  


Loans :- To Suits every need.


            A loan is a specified amount sanctioned for a period of times. Loans are granted generally against the security of assets or on the personal security of the borrower. The

borrowers may with draw the amount of the loan in lamp sum in instalment. Similarly it may be repayable in lump sum or in instalment.


HDFC bank provides following loan under the retail banking segment :-


v                 Car Loan (For new and used cars).

v                 Personal loan.

v                 Loans against securities and two wheelers .

v                 Consumer loan.


Car Loan :-   Varity of finance schemes 

New Car loan :-

            Loan amount : upto 90% Of car value

Tenure : 12 to 48 month


Personal Loan :-  For anything you have in mind

v                 Holiday abroad 

v                 Wedding in the family

v                 Higher education

v                 No security or granter required


Loan amount:  Rs. 25000 to Rs 10 lack

Tenure  :12 to 48 months.

Eligibility : Salaried, individuals, self-employed doctors and CAS, CS, Engineers M.B.A.S


Two wheelers and Consumer loan :-


Whatever your dream, HDFC have a scheme

v                 Two wheelers

v                 Personal computer and AC

v                 Durable like TV, Washing Machine, Refrigerator etc.

                                    For HDFC bank A/C holders only.

Loan amount : Rs. 7000 to 1 lakh (Max 85% of product value)

Tenure : 6 to 36 months

Eligibility : Salaried and self employed individuals

Loan against securities - An overdraft facility

Loan amount Rs. 50000 to Rs. 20 lakh (upto 60%of market value of demand share)

Mutual Fund Rs. 50000 to Rs. 10 lakh

LIC policy Rs.100000 onwards.


Corporate salary A/c:-

            With HDFC banks corporate salary A/C, employees receive an array of rewards with then monthly pay cheque. All at no extra coast to organisation. E-age banking service from any where, at any time:-

v                 Phone banking

v                 Inter branch banking

v                 Net banking

v                 Bill payable

v                 Free phone banking

v                 Free mobile banking

v                 Free demand draft

v                 Free International debit card

v                 Direct salary credit

v                 Overdraft facility

v                 Demote A/C

v                 Joint A/C facility

v                 Free Demand Draft


PHONE BANKING:  HDFC bank provides phonebanking facility to its customers. With the help of this service customers can get their account detail, ask for a cheque book or a statement, open a fixed deposit, transfer money within their own accounts, order a demand drafts, stop cheque payment etc. all by phone

INTERCITY/ INTERBRANCH BANKING:   At HDFC you can access your account from any of their 131 branches in 26 cities. So you can withdraw cash form another branch, through a self-cheque. You can deposit a local cheque in one branch and get it credited to your account in another city.

NETBANKING :   Internet banking is just like normal banking, with a one big exception that you dont have to go to the bank for transactions. Instead you can access your account any time form any part of the world, and do so when you have the time ,and not when the bank is open. Through the  net banking you can transfer funds within the same bank, open a fixed deposit, get a demand draft, make a TDS enquiry request a stop payment of on a cheque, request for a new cheque book or even cheque your account balance.

BILLPAY :  HDFC bank provides its customers to pay their mobile  bills in some selected cities over the phone as well as through their ATMs. In Mumbai you can pay BPL Mobile bills, in Delhi you can pay Airtel bills and in Chennai you can pay RPG and Sky cell  cellular bills through this facility. You can also pay MTNL bills in Mumbai and Delhi and MSEB bills in Pune and Mumbai. It saves a lot of time , which you spend in long queues or writing cheques.


Debit Cards

HDFC Banks International debit card provide seamless freedom and fiscal management to spending, both locally and globally.

The Debit and ATM Card, when issued as visa compliant cards, will give you the freedom to access your savings or current at merchant location and ATMs.

Whenever you make payments, the amount will be instantly debited from your account. The present ATM cards allow you to access your account 24 hours a day, all through the year.


How does it work?

All you need to do is present your card to the merchant who will swipe it through the electronic terminal and enter the amount of your purchase. You only need to sign the transaction slip.

Your account will be automatically debited for the amount of your purchase. Your debit card can be used at any merchant location displaying the visa electronic logo or at any ATM displaying the circus logo of course, you can always use it any HDFC Bank ATM as a normal ATM card.


What if your Debit Card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, you are protected from fraudulent charges from the moment you report the loss to the bank.


Any  transaction limit for the Debit Card?

            For the safety of the card holders, the bank have a daily limit of Rs. 15000 at ATM, (at merchant location there is no transaction limit,) and this is subject to the available balance in your account.




            Deposits accepted by bank may be categorised as demand deposit and time deposit.

Demand Deposit

Demand deposits are those deposits that can be withdrawn without notice. Bank undertake to repay such deposits as demand. The following types of deposit accounts are classified under Demand Deposits.

(a)               Current Account

(b)               Saving Account


Current Account :

Under this accounts, a person can deposit and with draw money as many times in a day as he wants. Money can be withdrawn by issuing cheques. Current acount are remunerative type of deposit accounts as no interest its payable on the credit balances outstanding in these accounts.


Saving Accounts :

            This account is opened for the purpose of savings. Any purpose of savings. Any person including a minor can open this account by depositing a small sum of money. Saving Bank Account is subject to the restriction as to the number of withdrawal as also the amount of withdraw as also the amount of withdrawal permitted by banks during any specified period. However there is no restriction on the number and amount of deposits that can be made on any day. Balances in the Saving Bank Account cans interest at rates as determined by RBI from time to time.


Time Deposit

            Any deposit, which is repayable after a period of notice rather than repayable after a fixed date or period, is a time deposit or popularly called as term deposits. The following type of account in both banks are classified under Retail Time Deposits.

      Fixed Deposit

      Apshaya Deposit

      Cumulative Deposit

      Pragati Deposit


Fixed Deposit :-

            Fixed Deposit where the depositor makes a lumpsum deposit where the depositors makes a lumpsum deposit at one time for a fixed period and receive payment there of on Maturity with interest.

Apshaya Deposit :-

            Apshaya Deposit is a reinvestment deposit Scheme where the depositors makes a lumpsum deposit at one time for a fixed period and receive payment there of on Maturity with interest

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