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The present study was carried out with the objective to know Scope of retail loans of Bank of Punjab Ltd. So as to know strength and weakness of loan schemes of Bank of Punjab Ltd. so that strengths can be increased and weaknesses can be made “the best” in banking field.


Research Methodology in a way is systematic representation of research or any other problem. It is a written game plan for conducting research. It tends to describe the step taken by a researcher in studying the research problem along with a logical background.

It tends to describe methodology for solution of the problem that has been taken for the purpose of study this project focuses on the methodology for technique used for the collection, classification & tabulation of the data. This plan throws light on the research problem, the objective of study & limitation of the study. Therefore, in order to solve a problem, it is necessary to design a research methodology for problem as the same way differs from problem to problem.

The Projects

The project undertaken during the summer training at “Bank of Punjab Ltd.” was “Comprehensive study of Retail loans.

The main aim of the study is to understand the “Retail Loans” provided by “Bank of Punjab Ltd.”

It is the bank which understand the need of its customers & provides them best facility.

Nature of study

The nature of the study is that it has an applied base. The statement indicated that result obtained from the study, inference drawn from the study can actually be applied practically & can be of great help to the customer to know about Retail loans in more comprehensive way.

Scope of Study

The study is restricted to Panipat itself. It aims at getting an insight in to Retail loan. It also aims at familiarized with the customer during the market survey help me a lot in understanding the practical aspect of the loan as a whole .

Objectives of Project Report

The main objective of the project report is to understand the Retail loans provided by bank of Punjab . the objective was successfully achieved by performing the detailed survey of 5 other banks. The questionnaire for survey study was prepared keeping in mind the following :-

  • To give level of information to the customer.’
  • To give satisfaction regarding services offered by bank
  • To make out which bank provide services with best resources
  • To know the awareness among the common man about loan which they want to take.

Type of Research

Research methodology is a way to systematic solve the research problem. It is a procedure, which is followed step by step to solve a particular research problem. There are basically four types of researches


Explorative Research

To gain familiarity with the phenomenon or to achieve an insight into it.

Descriptive Research

To poetry accurately the characteristic of the particular individual situation or a group.

Diagnostic Research

To determine the frequency with which something occurs or with which it is associate with something else.

Hypothesis Testing Research.

To test a hypothesis of casual relationship between variables. The present project is Descriptive in nature. It is done to poetry accurately the characteristic of a particular individual situation or a group. The major purpose is descriptive research is the description of the state of the affairs as it exits at presents. The main characteristics of this method are that the researcher has no control over the variables; he can only report what has happened or what is happening.

Research Process

There are Six steps of Designing A Research Report.

1 Specifying the Research objective

As my research project is about the comprehensive study of retail loan & role of Bank of Punjab Ltd. providing them so first of all the various objectives of the project were specified.

2. Preference the list of needed information

the second step in designing the project work is the preparation of list of need information. There is basic information on which the research project is to structure. In this project the various are handed in starting of the project.

These are as follows:-

Q. What is the study about.?

ANS: Comparative study of Retail loan.

Q. Why is the study being made?

ANS: to understand retail loan provided by bank of Punjab Ltd.

Q, Where will the study be carried out.?

ANS: Panipat only.

Q. What type of data is required ?

ANS : Primary as well as Secondary.

Q. Where can the required data be found?

ANS : Primary data trough questionnaire from the bank & secondary data through magazines, newspaper. Etc.

3. Designing the data collection process

During the data collection process a questionnaire was made for the collection of the data from the consumers personally. Because in the research project both primary as well as secondary data is required. so primary data was collected with the help of the questionnaire.

The following type of question were asked from the consumers.


A. question with two possible answers says yes or no.

Multiples choice

A question with three or more answer

4. Selection the sample size

Taking the sample of the study was not easy task. The objective and the lamination of the study have to be kept in mind before decided about the sample type.

In the sample type all level of its consumers have been covered. Basically the present customers as well as prospective customers were questioned with help of the questionnaires.

5. Organizing and Carrying out the field work.

After decided upon the sample size & preparing the questionnaire, the fieldwork has to be carried out. In the field work the place had to be chosen where you want to do your study. This project survey work was carried out in the Panipat city.

6. Analyzing the collected data & reporting the finding

After the survey work was over & data had been collected the analyzing of the data must & its graphically representation was needed. So after the data collection process step by step analysis of data was done. On the basis of the analysis.

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