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Project Report on Low Cost Emergency Light



This project is entitled as "Low Cost Emergency Light". It is an emergency light costs Rs. 7 only. It is a completely rechargeable emergency light. After 6 hrs. charging, emergency light becomes completely rechargeable and gives output of 10 to 15 days.






Price Rs.

(i) Resistance

100 K.



(ii) Diode

1 N 4007


4 x .50

(iii) Capacitor

1 mF/250 V.



(iv) Bulb

4 Volt.



(v) Battery

4 Volt.





It is based upon the concept that when resistance & capacitor is attached in parallel to the diodes, the voltage provided from mains of 220 V, A.C. passes to battery of 6 V. D.C.



When alternating current is supplied the 220V. is supplied. It is passed through resistance and 6V. of output is produced because battery is of 6V. capacity. Capacitor stores the charge in battery. Here four diodes are used which acts as bridge wave rectifier and converts supplied A.C. into D.C. to be stored in battery. After 6 hours charging, emergency light starts working.


Uses of Various Components

Resistance :

It is used to provide resistance in the path of potential.

Diode :

Diodes are used to connect alternating current to direct current.

Capacitor :

Capacitor stores the charge.

Battery :

Battery provides voltage on potential.



1. When the battery is used of larger voltage and output required is also large, then its costs also increases.



1. This emergency light is of low cost.

2. It is completely rechargeable.

3. All the components are easily available.

4. It is easy to use & transport.

5. 6 hours charging gives output of 45 hours (approximately).


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