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Project Report on Surface Energy

Chemistry Project Report on “Surface Energy”



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Surface Energy : The molecules on the free surface of a liquid at rest experience an inward force due to molecular interactions. These molecules process potential energy because of the reason that work will have to be done to pull them from the surface for overcoming the inward force due to surface tension. A molecule on the surface possesses greater potential energy than the molecule, well inside the liquid.

Surface Energy -
Thus for creating a surface possesses greater potential energy than the molecule, well inside the liquid. Thus for creating surface the liquid has to pull these molecules upto the surface. Hence work has to be done in increasing number of molecules on the surface is called surface energy and is defined as the amount of work done to create a fresh surface of liquid film of a unit area. Alternately, it may be defined as the potential energy per unit area of the liquid surface i.e. :
Surface Energy = Work done in creating the free surface/Surface area created


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