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Informal Letter - Letter to a Friend


_____________________ (Address) 


_________________ (Dated)


Dear _________________


I am surprised to know that you have decided to give up your studies in favour of a job of a clerk.


Dear ____________, I know you are hard-pressed. Your father cannot afford to pay for your studies. I know you want to help her and your family.


However, you must think of your life. If you accept a petty job, you will not be able to make much in life. You will continue to live from hand to mouth.


If you now bear with all hardships and complete your studies, you will realize all your dreams. As you are very intelligent and hard working, I know you will be able to become an I.A.S./I.P.S. Officer. Think about that life of power and prestige.


If you convince your father, you will certainly find a way out. Go in for some tuition work to lesson the financial burden on your father.


I hope you will consider my suggestion. I will come to see you this week-end. See you soon.



Yours truly,


_________________ (Name)

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